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Action is the foundational key to success

Action is the foundational key to success

…says Vinod Goel, Managing Director, ARB Bearings Ltd. With the government’s focus on introducing electric vehicle on a large scale in India, ARB Bearings is excited for entering and catering the demand of EV industry. In this interview, Vinod Goel tracks developments in bearing industry and delves into the company’s growth plans.

Kindly brief us about your company and products? How do you serve the automotive industry?

ARB Bearings has stood for creative application solutions, great engineering and manufacturing expertise and strong focus for more than three decades. The company was founded in 1990 and since then it has progressed to encompass the various technologies advances that have occurred within the industry. No wonder, within a short span of time the company has carved a niche for itself in various segments ranging from automobiles to industrial machinery to household appliances. Today, our technologies and products turn up virtually everywhere. ARB Bearings had humble beginnings and later rose to the level of a limited company with presence over more than 40 countries worldwide. Over the years, the company has witnessed various challenges and opportunity resulting in tremendous growth and development. ARB Bearings has built a dealer network of more then 300 in the country serving all our customers with variety of sizes which goes up to more than 1500.

ARB is already serving the automotive industry by specialising in designing, developing and manufacturing high precision bearings to suit the need of automotive segment at a very competitive price. From two and three wheeler vehicle to light commercial vehicles, diesel engines, one can find our friction management product and service making operation easier, smoother, safer and faster than anyone else in the industry.

How is the demand for your products? What is the secret of your
company’s success?

ARB Bearings is becoming more technology intensive as the demand for durable, smart and cost-efficient bearings increases in the industry. We are adopting new technologies in production of complex high quality components that offer more precision and longer operating life. The global distributors are expected to offer diversity and ease of supply. Our product applications are very vast and we cater to many big industries; therefore, the demand for the company product is huge.

The secret behind tremendous success of ARB Bearings are its unflinching desire for “Quality” and deep-rooted hunger for growth. We always aim to achieve and sustain excellence in our all products
with help of one of the best R&D
team in the country. ARB Bearings regularly focuses on research & development (R&D) and extensive quality training to our employees along with continuous up-gradation and innovation of our manufacturing and development facilities.

Electric vehicles (EV) are gaining traction. How do you intend to tap the EV market?

ARB Bearings has already launched its bearing products in EV market with latest technology and has received a very positive response from the market. The feedback given to us by our customers is excellent and has given us a boost in confidence to enter into the EV market more aggressively in the near future. We aim to serve the EV industry with best quality production and by focusing on doing tie-up with big business houses and big OEMs.

What are your growth plans for the company? Any new expansion or any new products planned?

Bearings industry is expected to be led by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who launched the Make in India initiative with the primary goal of encouraging domestic companies to manufacture their products in India and by providing them a new and better platform to grow more and promote industrial growth in the nation.

ARB Bearings main aim is to focus on emerging markets and strengthening its innovative products to compete with other players in the industry. We are planning to introduce and launch many new products and explore new segments in the market in the coming years.

We see ourselves as India’s most recognised and the “best” bearing manufacturing company in India. We intend to increase our business to manifold by 2022.

Post BS VI implementation, will auto industry experience positive growth?
The fast policy decisions on BS VI and flip-flops on EVs have resulted in the sluggish demand. Besides, demonetization, new axle norms and GST are the key reasons for the crisis in Indian auto sector.

Therefore, there will be distress for some period of time unless and until the government takes proper steps to resolve current issues. The government should either bring petroleum products under GST or cut excise to provide relief to the market.

On the eve of Auto Expo 2020,
would you like to give any message to the industry

Auto Expo is one of the much-awaited and biggest events for automotive and auto component industry where leading players will exhibit their futuristic perspective on the Indian auto industry. The expo provides a unique and enriching experience to all the stakeholders of the industry. India, being one of the leading auto markets globally, is witnessing an increase in demand and supply for auto components. We would like to wish and hope for a better future to all who are directly or indirectly related to the auto industry.

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