Home News AGS and X-Rite showcase colour management tech at Auto Engineering Show

AGS and X-Rite showcase colour management tech at Auto Engineering Show

AGS and X-Rite showcase colour management tech at Auto Engineering Show

Chennai, November 16, 2017

Advanced Graphic Systems (AGS), a renowned manufacturer in the Indian colour matching industry, unveiled path-breaking colour management technologies at the Automotive Engineering Show, Chennai in association with X-Rite, a global leader in colour science and technology. AGS, for the first time in India, introduced X-Rite’s Total Appearance Capture (TAC) ecosystem, Virtual Light Booth (VLB) and the next-generation MA-T family (MA-T6 and MA-T12), multi-angle spectrophotometers for characterising effect finishes. The company will leverage its strong pan India presence and distribution network to market these offerings in the country.

TAC ecosystem is an appearance measurement solution that brings a new level of realism and efficiency to the capture, communication and digital presentation of physical materials in the virtual world. TAC enables designers, 3D artists, material specifiers and marketers to bring their product designs to life with digital materials that have the exact same visual characteristics as their physical counterparts. TAC’s sophisticated technology captures physically accurate material measurements and appearance properties, reducing the need for manual adjustments to scanned materials, and improving design and approval cycles.

Part of the company’s TAC ecosystem, Virtual Light Booth (VLB) allows designers, material suppliers and marketers, to accurately and efficiently visualise and compare 3D digital material renderings. These renderings are presented side-by-side with physical samples in an environment that controls all parameters influencing the perception of appearance. This ensures a new level of consistency between digital prototypes and final physical products.

In the automotive space, it is projected that the TAC ecosystem will cut design time by up to 50 per cent, accelerating speed-to-market and reducing waste throughout the design-to production process.
The new MA-T family of portable multi-angle spectrophotometers includes the MA-T12, a 12-angle device, and the MA-T6, a six-angle device. These devices are the first instruments to combine colour imaging and multi-angle spectral measurement to quantify colour, sparkle and coarseness. These new devices allow customers to more precisely define and control the extreme effect finishes now commonly used in the automotive industry to reduce defects and achieve more efficient quality assurance.

The combination of a colour camera and up to 12 angles of measurement provided in the MA-T family gives manufacturers and their supply chain partners an entirely new level of sophistication in the definition and measurement of effect finishes that include aluminums, pearls or special effect pigments like Xirallics. For many effect finishes, measurement of colour alone is no longer sufficient to completely characterize these materials, or to ensure consistency across adjacent parts, such as car bumpers and body panels. The MA-T family delivers results that more closely approximate the way the human eye perceives colour. This helps manufacturers set, communicate, and ensure conformance with global standards for effect finishes – encompassing colour, sparkle and coarseness – to achieve a new level of consistency and harmony.

VC Gupte, Head – Colour Business, Advanced Graphic Systems said, “At AGS, it is our endeavor to bring world- class products to India. X-Rite is a global leader and with these innovative products we are helping diverse industries take the technological leap of automation for better results. The new technology applied in both the machines deliver projections that are almost the way a human eye perceives colour and texture. Exquisite features like these will enable manufacturers to ensure the quality control, reduced re-work while accelerating time-to-market.”

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