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Aicon Photogrammetry supports Artec Scanners

Aicon Photogrammetry supports Artec Scanners


The task: Measure large objects with a handheld scanner and receive highly accurate results.

The solution: AICON’s photogrammetry ScanReference in combination with the Artec scanners EVA and SPIDER – a perfect completion!

Aicon’s ScanReference is integrated into the scanners and provides the basis for highly accurate measurement results. First, targets are used to signal reference points on the object. A digital camera takes pictures from different directions. As a result, a point cloud is created as reference system. This network is transferred into the software Artec Studio. The single surface scans from the Artec scanners are then matched into the reference system. Especially in the measurement of big objects, the newly integrated technology will provide more reliable and much more precise global coordinates in the component’s coordinate system.


Carl-Thomas Schneider, managing director of AICON, is happy about the knowledge transfer: “We offer a method for measuring larger objects with scanners and get highly precise results. Through the cooperation with Artec, this also works for handheld scanners now. Thanks to Aicon’s ScanReference, Artec will be able to reach new target groups with completely different needs.”

ScanReference is the most productive tool to match scans from a handheld or firmly mounted scanner. The photogrammetry system was developed for white light, blue light and LED scanners. Together with Artec, an integrated version for handheld scanners is available for the first time.

Interested? Order the newly integrated measuring system either via one of the worldwide Artec sales partners (www.artec3d.com) or directly on the ScanReference website (www.scanreference.com).

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