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BorgWarner keeping a tab on India’s hybrid and EV market

BorgWarner keeping a tab on India’s hybrid and EV market

Other than offering solutions for the conventional internal combustion (IC) engines, one of the leading suppliers of engineered systems and components for powertrain applications, BorgWarner, is closely following the developments on hybrid as well as electric mobility in India.

“We try to find a balance and that is why you find a combination of combustion, hybrid and EV products in our portfolio. As part of our long-term strategy for India, we compare our growth in these three areas against market growth. Hence, we know very well how the market will move in five years,” Helmut Förster, Vice President Sales, Emissions, Thermal & Turbo Systems, BorgWarner told Manish Pant of APF in New Delhi.

The Michigan-based company also ensures that the product portfolio under development for the future was
in-line with the likely direction of the market. “If we have
80 per cent combustion products and only 20 per cent of hybrid and electrical, we would be behind the market. But when we take a five-year time-frame, we factor in 20-27 per cent hybrid and 6 per cent electric in our product portfolio. We also make sure that our product development supports this strategy, said Förster.

In addition to this top-down approach, BorgWarner
also adopts a holistic approach to product development.
For instance, it builds components for every major part
of the powertrain.

“We know that there won’t be a radical but gradual change from point A to B. This is how we can optimise each component to get an efficient powertrain that is high on performance and low on emissions,” explained Förster.

Given the upcoming Bharat Stage (BS)-6 emission norms, the company is offering a new Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) cooling system for gasoline engines. The company has also introduced motor or generator products that help in energy recovery in hybrid and electric vehicles. These have already been well-received in the global market. “A worldwide presence works to our advantage. What we do in Europe or the US, we make sure to also bring it to our customers in India,” concluded Förster.

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