Home News BorgWarner’s technology improves cabin comfort for NIO ES8 electric SUV

BorgWarner’s technology improves cabin comfort for NIO ES8 electric SUV

BorgWarner’s technology improves cabin comfort for NIO ES8 electric SUV

Auburn Hills (USA), August 29, 2018

BorgWarner, a global leader in clean and efficient technology solutions for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles, has supplied its advanced high-voltage positive temperature coefficient (PTC) cabin heating technology for the latest pure-electric ES8 SUV from Chinese electric car maker NIO. The advanced heating solution quickly warms the cabin and defrosts windows for maximum comfort and driving visibility.

“In the booming electric vehicle (EV) market, minimising the impact from the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system on the driving range of EVs has become a growing challenge. At BorgWarner, we are constantly developing innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of modern vehicles with all kinds of propulsion systems. We are thrilled to help NIO achieve excellent energy management and maximize cabin comfort with our advanced PTC cabin air heating technology. We also look forward to expanding our partnership with NIO in other segments of electric propulsion,” said Joe Fadool, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Emissions & Thermal Systems.

BorgWarner’s PTC cabin air heating technology features an enclosed heater rod with a glue-free, pure mechanical press design, which offers excellent heat transfer and reliability. Its double insulation protection can meet 4.3 kV DC dielectric strength. Combined, the heater rod and fin designs provide dual-zone functionality, allowing the precise and quick delivery of individual temperatures for the driver and passengers and eliminating the noise and waste caused by single-zone heaters.

The cabin heating system features ceramic PTC components that have very low electrical resistance at low temperatures, facilitating full current flow and high heat delivery. At high temperatures, the effect is reversed, and less heat is released by shutting down the electricity flow due to the increased resistance of the ceramic stones. Its robust software and hardware protection strategy enables maximum protection against overheating, over-current and over-voltage issues.

BorgWarner provides a broad range of products for electrically driven vehicles, covering four of the five main technology segments for electric propulsion – electric motors, transmissions, power electronics and thermal management. In addition to the cabin heater, BorgWarner also supports automakers with products such as eBooster electrically driven compressors, eGearDrive transmissions, coolant heaters, auxiliary thermal coolant pumps and high voltage hairpin (HVH) electric motors.

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