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BorgWarner’s VCT technology improves efficiency of Hyundai’s engine

BorgWarner’s VCT technology improves efficiency of Hyundai’s engine

Michigan (USA), April 30, 2018

BorgWarner’s latest variable cam timing (VCT) system delivers improved engine efficiency and fuel economy for the new Hyundai Gamma II engine. For the engine’s intake valve timing, BorgWarner supplies a variable force solenoid (VFS) and patented passive torsional assist (TA) phaser with mid-position lock (MPL) and integrated center bolt hydraulic control valve. For exhaust valve timing, the company supplies the VFS and TA phaser with integrated center bolt valve. The 1.6-liter I4 gasoline engine launched in the Kia K3 Forte/Cerato and is expected to power a growing number of vehicles for markets in South Korea, China and North America over the next few years.

“The combination of our TA phasers with MPL technology enables automakers to employ late intake valve closing strategies for increased fuel economy. Following the success of our VCT technology in the Lambda II engine, we are proud to provide localised manufacturing and expand our relationship with Hyundai with this new Gamma II engine program. As more customers realise the ease of integration and the fuel economy improvements this technology offers, we expect demand for our MPL technology to grow substantially in the next few years,” said Joel Wiegert, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Morse Systems.

Using BorgWarner’s variable force solenoid, TA phasers utilise oil pressure and cam torque energy for phasing. Its patented MPL technology allows an increased range of camshaft positioning with a default stop at an intermediate position within the expanded range of travel. Unlike competitive models that require active control to return to the default position and relock, the passive MPL technology ensures failsafe return to the mid-park position for reliable engine starts in any operating condition. The integrated hydraulic center bolt valve simplifies engine production on the assembly line. For Hyundai’s Lambda II engine, BorgWarner supplies its patented, compact cam torque actuated (CTA) MPL technology with integrated center bolt hydraulic control valve as well as its VFS.

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