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Bosch introduces new spare parts

Bosch introduces new spare parts

German auto component manufacturer Bosch has introduced its new range of high-quality spare parts, workshop equipment for diagnoses, servicing and repairs to meet the increasing demand for motorcycles globally. Bosch M Li-ion ultra light motorcycle battery has been designed to cope with the extreme operating conditions of sport bikes and racing motorcycles. It features deep-cycle resistance higher than lead-acid batteries. It does not contain any acid, is leak-proof and can thus be installed in any position, and is maintenance-free.

Bosch spark plugs for two-wheelers are designed for high temperatutes and pressures within the combustion chamber. Based on the Esitronic 2.0 workshop-software package, Bosch has developed Esitronic Bike specifically for two-wheeler workshops. The software includes common European and Asian motorcycle makes and runs on Bosch KTS-series diagnostic testers. Regular updates make sure the data is always up-to-date and includes new models as well.

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