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Camry Hybrid from Toyota Kirloskar Motor

Camry Hybrid from Toyota Kirloskar Motor


Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has launched India’s first ever locally manufactured hybrid car in the form of the Camry Hybrid. Assembled on a separate assembly line within TKM’s second plant located in Bidadi, near Bangalore, the Indian operations is the 9th country to manufacture a Toyota hybrid vehicle. Following the foot steps of the Camry, launched in India in 2002, the Camry Hybrid is based on the 7th generation model. The propulsion technology combines a newly developed hybrid exclusive 2.5L Beltless petrol engine with an electric motor. The Camry runs on Hybrid Synergy Drive, which intelligently senses when to switch between the two power sources – petrol engine and electric motor. It controls the engine and motor output for optimum fuel efficiency. The battery supplies electricity to the motor, enhancing the driving power. The engine and motor together give an impressive total system power output of 205 PS. In addition to powering the vehicle, the motor is activated as a generator to convert the moving vehicle’s kinetic energy into electricity. The generated electricity charges the battery. This process, usually happens at the time of decelerating and braking and is called regenerative braking. The vehicle, claimed to give an exceptional mileage of 19.16 kmpl, produces 122.8 gm of CO2 emissions per km of driving, which is far lesser than the conventional vehicles of similar engine size. The Camry Hybrid comes with an Electronically Controlled Continuous Variable Transmission (E-CVT), which provides enhanced driving performance, with reduced fuel consumption and lower NVH. More spacious and refined, the Camry Hybrid features power-recline rear seat. This feature includes rear armrest with controls for power recline rear seats, power sunshade for rear windshield, audio system and air conditioning. Also featuring a 3-zone air conditioning, the car is priced at 29,75,000/- ex-showroom Delhi.

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