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Climate neural container chassis

Climate neural container chassis


In line with its corporate strategy, CIMC Silvergreen will be delivering all Chassis SC03 container chassis complete with the “climate-neutral production” certificate in future. In so doing, the Neu-Ulm based trailer manufacturer is offering two vehicle types from its climate-neutral production range. Said Stefan Oberd?rfer, CIMC Silvergreen Director, “We are continuously working to ensure all of our products are carbon-neutral so that our customers can accommodate this important contribution to climate protection in their green logistics strategy and to use this as a competitive advantage for themselves”. “The container chassis is the next logical step in the implementation of our corporate philosophy in which the economic success of our customers (silver) and climate protection (green) have been targeted as equal objectives”, he added. Claimed to be the first climate-neutral semi-trailer in the world, CIMC Silvergreen has now likewise analysed all components and processes along with calculating their CO2 balance in accordance with internationally recognised rules. The result: starting with the material production and subsequent assembly through to delivery, currently 21.7 tonnes of CO2 are generated when realizing each Chassis SC03. CIMC Silvergreen compensates this value through financial participation in selected and T?V-certified environmental projects in Germany, Kenya and China, whereby the same level of greenhouse gases are avoided. The costs are borne exclusively by CIMC Silvergreen. At the handover, the customer receives a 100 per cent climate-neutral vehicle.

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