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Continental partners DFKI for AI

Continental partners DFKI for AI

The technology company and automotive sepplier Continental and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) have agreed to enter into a partnership. DFKI, which is spread over several locations, is the world’s largest non-profit organisation for researching artificial intelligence (AI). The collaboration will focus on improving internal processes and on the mobility of the future. “The collaboration with DFKI is part of our strategy to strengthen Continental as a technology company by using artificial intelligence at all levels. Continental will become an AI-empowered company. AI should support our employees in their work and provide them with new tools,” said Kurt Lehmann, Corporate Technology Officer at Continental, to mark the signing of the contract.
Lehmann informed, “Furthermore, AI is the central pillar of mobility in the future. We are now working on the assumption that autonomous driving will not be possible without artificial-intelligence technologies.”

As part of the collaboration, the Forschungslabor Intelligente Technologien or FIT (research lab for intelligent technologies) will be established at the DFKI location in Kaiserslautern. In the ecosystem of DFKI labs, Continental employees will research the fundamentals of AI technology and address specific problems. This will include researching AI-supported methods of data analysis and software development. Continental is also working on developing AI-based tools that will help the more than 16,000 software and IT employees worldwide with quality assurance and upgrading functions.
Continental engineers have already identified a number of applications for AI. For example, in material flow, machine learning can be used to create more precise forecasts of raw-materials requirements. DFKI has well-honed skills in this area of technology.

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