Home News Continental to offer flexible engine control solutions for global markets

Continental to offer flexible engine control solutions for global markets

Continental to offer flexible engine control solutions for global markets

Regensburg, November 3, 2017

Continental is making motorised two-wheelers fit for the future by offering flexible solutions that can be individually tailored to the requirements of the global markets. The specialists in engine management systems offer modern engine management solutions through components that achieve maximum efficiency with minimal dimensions. The company also claims that their solutions and products will be Euro 5 compatible.

The air module engine control unit, for example, is such a component. In its “M4L” version, initially developed for motorcycles and scooters both with single-cylinder four-stroke engines with up to 250 cc engine displacement, this throttle valve housing with integrated engine management electronics, actuators and sensors can manage itself without extensive wiring harness. The engine control system is characterised by minimal weight, the smallest of dimensions and high efficiency, offering maximum functionality in the smallest of spaces. Already today, this engine management system falls under the Euro 5 emissions standard due in Europe in 2020 as well as the requirements of the global markets.

Another stepping stone on the way to efficient engine operation is the fuel supply unit (FSU), initially developed for single-cylinder four-stroke engines with up to 150 cc engine displacement. This electronically controlled piston fuel pump works with extremely low friction which the company claims sounds like a whisper from the outside. This gives it a clear unique selling proposition compared to conventional pumps. The FSU supplies constant pressure under all operating conditions and in all speed ranges without the need for an additional, separate pressure control valve. This means it not only guarantees extremely smooth engine power output, but also improves fuel consumption. Its light weight, small dimensions and reliable mechanism ensure that the pump can be installed in almost any position inside the tank. All Continental components for modern engine management can be individually configured thanks to their modular design and can be integrated in engines from different performance ranges.

“This means we can react quickly and flexibly to the provisions of the global markets as well as to the specific requirements of our customers worldwide,” explained Torsten Bellon, responsible for two-wheeler and Powersports Engine Management Systems at Continental, regarding the wide range of small components. Continental can look back on many years of activity in the global market for electronic engine components, sensors and control systems. Individual, specific solutions provide a wide-ranging field of use. The high flexibility of the systems makes it possible to meet specific customer requirements in terms of functionality, as well as taking into account the pertinent legal provisions of the international markets.

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