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Cosmo Instruments bags Honda order

Cosmo Instruments bags Honda order

By Bhargav TS


Cosmo Instruments, Japanese manufacturer of measuring instruments, has bagged an order from Honda Scooters and Motorcycles India (HMSI) to supply air leak testers to its upcoming plant in Karnataka. Cosmo Instruments manufactures a wide of equipment like air leak testers, digital manometers and DP Gauge (Digital Pressure gauges).

The Director of Cosmo Instruments India, Ramkumar Basnet, said, “Our core business is air leak tester, which is mainly used in engine valves, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifolds and exhaust manifold. We will start supplying engine leak testers to HMSI, which will be used in detecting leaks in the assembled engines. Due to the latest technology and new components, these testers are small in size and occupy less floor space, and each tester can test the engine in 20 seconds.”

The tester, which Cosmo will be supplying to HMSI has 32 different programming, which would help in testing different engine capacities. Initially the company will supply six leak testers to HMSI. In that three will be online and rest would be offline. If an engine is rejected in online then it will be tested in offline.


Cosmo produces airflow testers and air leak testers. Air flow testers are used for flow measurement or large leak detection in components to detect blockages in components. While the air leak tester is an automated leak-testing device, which can detect any leak in components that must be air tight in order to prevent accidents. These air testers can be used for components of the fuel and lubrication system, engine, brake system and the powertrain. As part of its expansion plan in India, and to provide better service to clients in the southern region of the country, Cosmo Instruments has set up an office in Bangalore. The Bangalore centre will also act as company’s R&D centre and carry out some integration work catering to local conditions. Hyundai and Toyota are the main customers which the company caters to from the Bangalore office. The company also has offices in Chennai and Pune.

Apart from automotive clients, Cosmo Instruments provides testing equipment to food packaging as well as medical companies, but 90 per cent of its business comes from the automotive sector, the client list includes the likes of Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Tata Motors, Minda Group, Mahindra & Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Exide.

The testers are manufactured for a range of components depending on their size. And Cosmo has recently launched an economical Digital Pressure gauge (DP gauge) for smaller plastic components. Globally, Cosmo Instruments has presence in 12 countries including China, USA, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Australia and England. The company is also in talks with India Yamaha Motors, which is setting up its manufacturing facility in Chennai. Last year, the company recorded a turnover of Rs three crore and expecting Rs five crore turn over by this year which is due to increase in volumes from various manufacturers.

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