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CVs on the way to digital transformation

CVs on the way to digital transformation

The 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover will see a firm focus on the megatrends of the future: digitisation and electric mobility. The event offers three high-caliber congresses on these forward-looking topics at the ‘New Mobility World Logistics’. On September 26, under the title of ‘Change in the ecosystem through Telematics – effects on the automotive aftermarket’, questions will be addressed about the influence that Telematics offerings and the associated connectivity have on the business situation of forwarders, transport companies and fleets.

On September 28, top-level managers from the automotive industry, telecommunications and IT will meet for the car-IT congress entitled ‘The digital revolution in the automotive industry’ at the IAA. This year it will concentrate on connected vehicles in their complexity. The topics will range from car-to-car communication, e-Mobility and IT, autonomous driving and driver assistance systems to intelligent navigation.

The forum ‘Automated and connected driving: commercial vehicles as innovation leaders in automation and connectivity’ on September 29, will focus on how the growing volume of traffic can be optimised and how functional mobility can be guaranteed in the future.

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