Home News Daimler Rolls Out FUSO Trucks from Chennai

Daimler Rolls Out FUSO Trucks from Chennai

Daimler Rolls Out FUSO Trucks from Chennai


Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of German automobile maker Daimler AG, started rolling out FUSO range of trucks belonging to Japanese Mitsubishi FUSO Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) from its plant near Chennai as part of the parent company’s Asian strategy.

The new FUSO trucks are based on the ‘Daimler Trucks Technical Platforms’ and will be exported to important markets in Asia & Africa. This range provides the FUSO brand fresh impetus in addressing product segments that were not available earlier. The FUSO trucks range manufactured at DICV’s Oragadam plant comprises five models spanning medium/heavy duty (25-49 tonnes referred to as FJ, FO, & FZ) and light/medium duty ( 9-16 tonnes reddened to as FA & FI). These trucks will be exported and sold through the FUSO network to 15 markets in Asia and Africa.

The integrated Asia business model draws on the synergies of the two Daimler subsidiaries DICV and MFTBC. The joint use of Daimler Trucks product platforms, innovation power from closely interrelated product development and capacity leveraging production networks enable the Japanese subsidiary to conquer promising future growth markets. This is also supported by DICV’s newly acquired suppliers, based in India, who add a new dimension of force multiplication in Daimler Truck’s strategy.

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