Home News Daimler to launch three new trucks in India

Daimler to launch three new trucks in India

Daimler to launch three new trucks in India


Daimler India Commercial vehicle (DICV) will be launching three new models by the end of this year. The roll out of three new models is as per Daimler India’s plan to have 18 models in a 15 month period since its launch in 2012. So far the company has launched nine medium and heavy duty truck models in the country ranging from six to 49 tonnes range across various platforms.

DICV completed its first year of Bharat Benz trucks hitting Indian roads and has covered 45 per cent of the Indian market in terms of dealership and brought in 50 per cent of the product portfolio on the road. “We are planning to take this up and to have dealership coverage in 80 per cent of the market by 2014. In terms of portfolio, we will have 100 per cent by then,” said Marc Llistosella, Managing Director and CEO, Daimler India.

“Currently we have nine models across various tonnages and in the next three months we will be launching three more trucks in the heavy duty trucks and tractor–trailers,” said V R V Sriprasad, Vice–President, Marketing, Sales and After Sales, Daimler India Commercial Vehicle.

The company also plans to expand its dealership network in the current year. Currently DICV has 52 dealerships in 16 states and planning to increase it to 75 by the end of this year. Mr Sriprasad said, “We have already issued Letters of Intent for 124 locations, which we expect to be ready by end of 2014.”

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