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Dearborn launches vehicle communication interface

Dearborn launches vehicle communication interface

Dearborn Electronics (India)
Pvt Ltd, a group company of Global Edge Software specialising in automotive and
automation control, communication and information solutions space, has
announced the launch of Garuda, a unique vehicle communication interface.
Garuda is first of its kind product developed by an Indian company. Garuda will
help in reading engine and vehicle parameters, detect faults and reprogram the
Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which ensures the safety, performance and
emission control of the vehicle.

Presently this versatile tool
communicates with PC through USB, however in the near future, the tool will be
able to communicate through Wi-Fi and the company will be launching the Wi-Fi
version in US testing expo to be held in Michigan, US in October, 2013. Garuda
supports all major standards like RP1210, SAEJ2534, PDUAPI, etc.


Dearborn Electronics (DE) is
the first Indian company to provide solutions and products related to in
vehicle networks, diagnostics and CAN (Controller Area Network) technologies.
Globally, vehicle diagnostics market is around US$ 10 bn and is expected to
grow annually at 12%. Mr Anand Mutalik, CEO of Dearborn Electronics (India) Pvt
Ltd, said, “Indian OEMs are looking for cost efficient and high performance
interface for their R&D processes, productions and services. This gives us
a big opportunity to launch a product which caters to all their needs in a cost
efficient manner with higher level of performance in compare to most of the
similar products available globally.”

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