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Denso invests $ 1 bn in US plant

Denso invests $ 1 bn in US plant

Tokyo, October 7, 2017

Denso, one of the worlds largest automotive technology, systems and components suppliers,invested a billion dollars in their Tennessee plant in the US. This move will allow the company to expand its reach in the country and is predicted to creating over 1,000 jobs in Maryville, Tennessee, chief of which will be production, engineering and technical jobs.

The investment is part of Denso’s commitment to advancing automotive innovation in North America, and will significantly increase the role North America plays in the global trend toward vehicle safety and electrification, as it will make it a primary centre in the US. The investment will expand multiple production lines to produce advanced safety, connectivity, and electrification products for hybrid and electric vehicles.

These products will radically improve fuel efficiency and preserve electric power by recovering and recycling energy, and by connecting all systems and products inside the vehicles. The products will anticipate road environment after collecting information from outside the car and will use the data to enhance the performance of electrified products.

Globally Denso is known for being a leading developer of electrification systems for environmentally-friendly automobiles, sophisticated functions involved in vehicle safety and security, and new services that connect vehicles and society. These systems will play a crucial role in meeting increasing electric vehicle demand.

“This is an investment in the future of Denso and also the future of transportation. We are seeing dramatic shifts in the role of transportation in society, and this investment will help position us to meet those changing demands,” said Kenichiro Ito, Chairman of Denso’s North America Board of Directors and CEO of Denso International America.
Denso announced a $ 400 million investment in Maryville in 2015, to consolidate various warehouse operations into one central location and brooke ground on the facility in July 2016.

The $1 billion investment in Maryville is one in a long line of strategic investments by Denso.

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