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Dow opens polyurethane systems house in Maharashtra

Dow opens polyurethane systems house in Maharashtra

Network expansion dedicated to further support customers’ growth through customised solutions and technology innovations geared to local market needs.


Dow Polyurethanes, a business unit of Dow Chemical International, has opened a new systems house in Maharashtra, further expanding its already strong network of more than 20 sites for production, development and technical service across the EMEAI region.

Located in the Lote Parshuram industrial area in Ratnagiri (Maharashtra), the new site adds production capacity and technical capabilities to deliver high-quality polyurethane materials and customised solutions to customers in the region, serving growing market segments such as consumer durables, infrastructure and automotive.

The opening of the new systems house in Lote further builds on the company’s investments in the region following the recently inaugurated Dow India Technology Center (DITC) in Navi Mumbai, housing a dedicated lab for polyurethane application development that will help accelerate innovation and collaboration with customers in the region.

“Dow India’s innovation and growth strategy is driven by a strong focus on delivering competitive advantage for our customers and preparing them for tomorrow’s challenges. By expanding our network of systems houses, R&D and innovation centers we are strengthening our regional presence to reinforce our collaborative value chain approach to accelerate both existing and new opportunities through customized and more sustainable solutions geared to local market needs,” commented Jon Penrice, Vice President, Dow Polyurethanes.

Chandrakant Nayak, Sales Director for Polyurethanes & POPG in Middle East, Africa & India, Dow Chemical International Pvt Ltd, added, “Dow India has played a key role in sourcing global technology that is commercialised in automotive, insulation, footwear and bedding industries of the country. Over the last twenty years we have diligently innovated across these industries to ramp up local capabilities and opportunities. This new investment is the natural progression that creates a perfect confluence of Systems House at Lote and innovation at DITC.”

Dow Polyurethanes develops and delivers a broad portfolio of technologies and customized solutions to customers in a variety of industries under its DurableScience, ComfortScience and InsulationScience category brands. Applications range from industrial and infrastructure solutions, to consumer comfort solutions in flooring, furniture, bedding and footwear, to automotive solutions for vehicle interior, and energy-efficient insulation materials. The business manufactures and sells key chemical components as well as fully-formulated polyurethane systems for rigid, semi-rigid and flexible foams, and coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers and composites. Dow is the world’s largest producer of propylene oxide (PO), propylene glycol (PG), and polyether polyols, and is a leading producer of quality aromatic isocyanates, such as MDI.

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