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Enabling Smart Manufacturing

Enabling Smart Manufacturing

Rockwell Automation showcased excellence in manufacturing automation at its largest automation exposition held in Mumbai.

Rockwell Automation On The Move, the largest exposition of automation technologies, solutions and services showcased by Rockwell Automation and its PartnerNetwork members was a huge success adorned with the presence of more than 20 partners and over 1,000 customers across industries. The theme of the event, organised in the city, was ‘Operationalising the Connected Enterprise’.

The event offered more than 20 exhibits from the company and its PartnerNetwork outlining the enabling technologies and approach towards achieving The Connected Enterprise, that drives transformational value in manufacturing productivity, sustainability and global competitiveness.

Highlighting the role of Connected Enterprises in smart manufacturing, Dana Burch, Director – OEM Business, Rockwell Automation Asia-Pacific said, “The Connected Enterprise is an important pillar in helping the manufacturers capitalise on the promise of a more than ever connected world in the form of higher manufacturing velocity, reduced costs and risks and agility to the changing conditions. Rockwell Automation technology solutions enable manufacturers and OEMs leverage their automation investments to achieve their business goals.”

Communicating the company’s focused efforts on enabling smart manufacturing, Dilip Sawhney, Managing Director – India, Rockwell Automation India said, “Smart manufacturing allows for a highly connected, knowledge-enabled industrial enterprise where devices and processes are connected, monitored and optimised to enhance productivity, sustainability and economic performance. Rockwell Automation has a portfolio of products and services that helps manufacturers incorporate smart strategies through a phased approach. This also allows them to leverage their existing automation assets while preparing for the next generation of integrated control and information innovations.”

Concurrent to the technology showcase, the event hosted executive forums where industry thought leaders, analysts, and Rockwell with its strategic alliance partners shared their views on industry drivers, trends and how connected enterprise enables to achieve plant wide optimisation and transformation. Various technology sessions and hands-on labs covered a myriad of topics such as enabling industry 4.0 through the connected enterprise, developing machines for the fourth industrial revolution, new technology innovations to operationalise. The connected enterprise, innovative network infrastructure and security solutions for the connected enterprise, and many more.

Operationalising The Connected Enterprise

The Connected Enterprise brings major advances in information technology and operations technology to life in manufacturing and industrial operations, helping to drive new ways to innovate and operate. It is a highly connected, knowledge-enabled industrial enterprise where devices and processes are connected, monitored and optimised to enhance productivity, safety and security, sustainability and economic performance.

Through the connected enterprise, Rockwell Automation helps organisations capitalise on the promise of an ever more connected world in the form of higher manufacturing velocity, more agile response to changing conditions, reduced costs and lowered risk. We accomplish this by leveraging advancements in technology, where smart objects and machines interact and communicate with one another, configure themselves, analyse data, take action by predicting and preventing failures and adapting to changes within the process. Many companies are already seeing the business values. A cogent proof point is our own journey to a connected enterprise. Rockwell has seen success in lowered inventory, increased on-time delivery, improved on-time-to-want, and overall better quality.

Industry leaders deliver seamless, secure connectivity across the enterprise

The need to be more responsive to changing market and operational conditions has created an urgency among the manufacturers to converge and connect the multitude of isolated production systems and processes throughout their value chain. A seamless secure connectivity is needed across the enterprise. Rockwell Automation and Cisco are committed to being the most valuable resource in the industry to help manufacturers improve business performance by bridging the technical and cultural gaps between plant-floor and higher-level information systems. Through successful collaboration on products, services and educational resources, the alliance enable manufacturers to converge their network infrastructure and tightly integrate technical and business systems using EtherNet/IP – the world’s leading open industrial Ethernet network.

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