Home Articles Faro measuring instruments help JBM Neel Metal to enhance quality

Faro measuring instruments help JBM Neel Metal to enhance quality

Faro measuring instruments help JBM Neel Metal to enhance quality


Defining your business’ niche
market is by no means an easy process. Simple as it sounds, some companies
neglect the importance to better position themselves, or never really manage to
find their unique value. The JBM Group, however, has definitely well-engineered
its place in the Indian automotive sector as a distinctive leader. Within the
JBM Group of 13 companies, JBM-Neel Metal Products (JBM-NMP) is one of the
fastest growing. Based in Northern India, JBM-NMP has two plants in Gurgaon and
another in Faridabad, with more being planned for expansion. The company
specializes in manufacturing automotive components, and some of its products
include exhaust systems and motorcycle rims. “We supply automotive components
and fixtures for two-, three- and four-wheelers to domestic and export
markets,” shared Mr Rakesh Kumar, Operations and Systems Manager. “Our
clientele comprise industry leaders such as Maruti, Honda, Piaggio, Suzuki,
Hero Motors, Eicher and Mahindra.”

In line with the group’s
quality policy, it has always been a priority for JBM-NMP to achieve total
customer satisfaction. The company does so by delivering products and services
that meet or exceed customers’ exact requirements and expectations in a timely
fashion. “In order to ensure the quality of our products, verification of part
dimensions and accuracy has always been of utmost importance,” explained
Rakesh. “That is why we are always on the lookout for the best technologies available
to help us perform quality assurance and improve efficiency.”

More than just precision
& accuracy

Obtaining tight tolerances on
measurements is the most scientific and reliable way of upholding product
quality. It is no wonder why JBM-NMP opted for extremely high precision levels
offered by fixed coordinate measurement machines (CMM) early on. However, due
to the large size and immobility of fixed CMMs, JBM-NMP faced a set of
challenges that came with this option. “The fixed CMM required a controlled environment
away from the shop floor in order to properly function, which meant we need to
transport product parts to the machine for measurement jobs,” said Rakesh. “Not
only was that labor-intensive and time-consuming, large or
unconventionally-shaped parts could not be measured by the fixed CMM
equipment.”JBM-NMP’s metrology needs include inspection, alignment,
calibration, dimensional calculations and reverse engineering. These arise in
the various stages of automotive component and fixture production that the
company undertakes. As part of the company’s continued efforts to uphold
quality and improve capabilities, JBM-NMP’s refusal to be limited by its
existing equipment fueled the search for more viable options. Rakesh revealed,
“While the fixed CMMs fulfilled our need for accuracy and precision, we needed
more than just that. We want portability and the ability to measure complex
shapes easily.”

Portability, versatility
& increased productivity

After thorough research, the
team at JBM-NMP found the FaroArm to be the perfect solution to their problems.
In 2009, JBM-NMP purchased two sets of FaroArm Platinum, 8ft and 12ft in
length, to cater to different measurement volumes. With the new portable
FaroArm, JBM-NMP engineers were able to conduct measurement checks right by the
production line without compromising on precision or accuracy. As a result, the
company’s levels of efficiency were greatly increased. “Eliminating the need to
move large parts lightened our workload significantly,” remarked Rakesh. “Using
the FaroArm, we can complete the same measurement task with half the resources
previously required!”And because the FaroArm was available in models of varied
lengths, JBM-NMP was able to perform measurements on larger parts that did not
fit in the fixed CMM before. Additionally, the FARO solution offered unique
features that competitor models did not possess.


“The infinite rotation
afforded by the 6-axes in the articulating arm made it very easy for us to
measure our more complex auto components,” commented Rakesh. “The FaroArm had
no problems accessing difficult-to-reach areas at all. Without the need to
manufacture expensive, customized templates for those components, we not only
saved time but will also enjoy cost-savings in the long term.”

As is evident, JBM-NMP sealed
its leading position because of its commitment to deliver quality products to
clients. This spirit of excellence has enabled the company to reach and
maintain its leadership position where automotive components are concerned.
Rakesh concluded, “We look forward to enjoying greater achievements from our
partnership with FARO. As we continue to equip our facilities with world-class
technologies, we know we’ll have the ability to provide our clients with the
highest level of quality in our products, thereby maintaining our industry

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