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Fiat Opens Training Centre in Ranjangaon

Fiat Opens Training Centre in Ranjangaon

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Fiat Group Automobiles Private Limited India (FGAIPL)
inaugurated its first state-of-the-art training centre at Ranjangaon, in Pune
in order to replicate the group’s international standards in technical and soft
skills training. The training centre is partnered with U-NETVERSITY, Fiat’s
global training school which will conduct and oversee the entire program to
train the employees.

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The whole facility will have three classrooms with audio
visual support and experts from Fiat, Italy and Chrysler USA to train the
employees. The entire range of Fiat vehicles will be made available to the
technicians for systems and support parts study, and more importantly for the
employees to get an understanding of the design and development of Fiat

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The training programme will include a module of studying
web-based and remote access learning tools and working on the latest diagnostic
tools for enhanced understanding of the systems and processes of the company.
Speaking on the occasion, FGAIPL’s Managing Director, Enrico Antanasio said,
“With this programme we hope to develop highly skilled and trained manpower
that will cater to the automobile industry and serve our customers better by
ensuring end to end process standardization and execution.”

the aim of enabling employees with the most effective training, the program is
designed to support the systems in Fiat and Chrysler such as those for warranty
part supply. Experts from Fiat Power Train will conduct special sessions to
provide knowledge and expertise to replicate the best practices in power train
manufacturing processes.

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