Home News Force Motors launches new range of 5-seater SUV Gurkha

Force Motors launches new range of 5-seater SUV Gurkha

Force Motors launches new range of 5-seater SUV Gurkha

Aurangabad, Sept 11, 2017

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Force Motors has launched the new range of the Force Gurkha, a 5-seater SUV, in Aurangabad (Maharashtra). The 2017 Gurkha range comes with an all new high strength C-in-C chassis with new multi-link coil spring suspension on all four wheels(a feature which no other Indian off-roader offers) that ensure best in its class handling and ride comfort both on road as well as off-road.

Taking cognisance of user studies that revealed off-roading needs vary from mild, moderate to extreme off-roading with bulk of the users doing only mild/moderate off-roading; Force Motors has developed a range of Gurkha with differing capabilities so that customers can pick and choose based on their requirements.

Gurkha Xplorer is the 4WD version and will be powered by the new BS4 compliant 85hp FM 2.6 CR engine with a flat peak torque of 230Nm from 1400 to 2400 rpm. It is mated with the new G-28 5-speed all-synchromesh gearbox with cable shift for effortless gear shifting. The independent front suspension with coil spring on struts combined with multi-link with pan hard rod and coil springs in the rear works brilliantly well for mild / moderate off-roading and offers excellent handling and ride comfort on both tarmac as well as in off-road conditions. The 3-door 5-seater Gurkha Xplorer is available in soft top as well as hard top.

Gurkha Xpedition is configured with the 5-door hard top body (D+8 seats) and rear wheel drive. It is also powered by the 86hp/230 Nm FM 2.6 CR engine for regular everyday use on both tarmac roads as well as rough rural roads. Styled on the lines of legendary Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen, the new Force Gurkha has timeless appeal. The exterior of the vehicle has undergone a facelift with a bold new front facia, new front and rear steel bumpers which add significantly to the style quotient of the vehicle. The signature chrome finish air intake snorkel, muscular side cladding, attractive graphics, clear lens headlamps, front and rear fog lamps, large ORVMs, sturdy and full length slip resistant footboard, increased width all terrain tubeless tyres is standard on all versions.

The Gurkha Explorer and the Gurkha Expedition are available in four colours, which include Supreme White, Matt Black, Copper Red and Moonbeam Silver.

“Off-roading is in the DNA of the Force Gurkha, with the launch of the new range of Force Gurkha, we aim to cater to a wider customer base to suit varying degrees of off-roading,” said Ashutosh Khosla, President Sales and Marketing, Force Motors.

Force Gurkha has been the podium finisher at the past three editions of the Rain Forest Challenge India. In addition, Force Gurkha, the extreme off-roader has also been awarded ‘Racing Car of the Year’ Award and ‘Best Competition 4×4’, two times in a row; ‘Best Motorsport Award 2015’ and ‘Monster of the Year Award 2015’.

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