Home News Force Motors to supply light strike vehicles to Indian Army

Force Motors to supply light strike vehicles to Indian Army

Force Motors to supply light strike vehicles to Indian Army


Force Motors has won an order for the supply of light strike vehicles to the Indian Army. The light strike vehicle designed and developed by the research and development team at Force Motors is fully indigenous. The company has developed the light strike vehicle for exacting military activities, with the assurance of speed and reliability. The vehicles not only use the proven, rugged and reliable aggregates like engines and transmissions from the Force Motors’ stable but are also uprated for the demanding applications of the Armed Forces.

The Force Motors prototypes established their superiority in the rigorous user trials, conducted for over two years, in tough and rough terrains as varied as the scorching deserts of Rajasthan (50°C) to the freezing Himalayas (-30°C).

Designed for quick ingress and egress, these vehicles are capable of performing on extreme terrain, with maneuverability, high speed and stability, with 4×4 configuration, and have differential locks on all wheels, similar to the legendary Force Gurkha. It is equipped with run flat tyres and has the provision to mount a rocket launcher and machine guns. The Force Motors light strike vehicle can be airlifted and dropped into enemy territory, for use as an advance fast strike vehicle.

“We are very happy that the Indian Army has reposed trust in the fully indigenous Light Strike Vehicle developed by our research and development team. This is a small but significant step in creating fully indigenous specialist vehicles for the Armed Forces – a truly ‘Make in India’ initiative,” said Force Motors in a statement.

Force Motors had also supplied the Indian Artillery with new engines for the famous 155mm Howitzer Guns (Bofors Guns). Trials are on for the adoption of Force developed engines on the indigenously developed new generation Dhanush Gun which is expected to succeed the Bofors Guns. The proven Traveller and Trax range of vehicles are already in service, with most of the para military organisations in the country.

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