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Fuel saving solution

Fuel saving solution

Continental’s eHorizon creates potential fuel saving and provides additional safety.

It is estimated that trucks with eHorizon from Continental have saved around 315 million litres of diesel, or more than Euro 400 million, since 2012. The sensor system uses highly accurate topographical route data and a GPS signal to provide the control units in the vehicle with information about the route ahead. These then adapt the driving style and speed automatically. Continental is continuously developing this successful series product. The final stage of expansion, the dynamic eHorizon, is a highly accurate information carrier that is always up to date. Thanks to real-time information, it even takes into account dynamic events such as weather, accidents, or traffic jams. Thus, the dynamic eHorizon creates even more potential savings and provides additional safety. This allows the handling performance to be adapted to the current traffic situation in good time. Continental’s Road Database solution supplies highly accurate route information to the system.

Important basis for automated driving

Several applications will be used at the IAA to demonstrate the advantages of the system. If the data sources report a traffic jam or roadworks, for example, the dynamic eHorizon forwards this information to the control units. These then prompt the vehicle to coast or shift down a gear. By providing this information in good time, the system not only saves fuel, but can prevent serious accidents by warning drivers of dangers they cannot yet see, such as the tail of a traffic jam around a bend. The technology therefore forms an important basis for automated driving. The dynamic eHorizon also anticipates the road ahead and is just as efficient in urban traffic. With data on traffic light phases, the vehicle can implement an optimum driving strategy. To this, Continental co-operates closely with truck manufacturers, research institutes and other suppliers.

Road Database solution

In addition to other sources, the dynamic eHorizon is supplied with highly accurate, up-to-date route information by the Road Database solution, also developed by Continental. The basic idea behind Road Database uses information from the various vehicle sensors and combines it to create a machine-readable image of the road. It is transmitted wirelessly to a backend, which uses the data provided by several vehicles, such as lane changes or a new traffic sign, to create accurate route data, which it then transmits to all affected vehicles. Thus, Road Database is an important step towards fully automated driving as well as the development and maintenance of a high-resolution digital map.

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