Home News German firm Bosch to invest Euro 220 mn in India

German firm Bosch to invest Euro 220 mn in India

German firm Bosch to invest Euro 220 mn in India

Apart from modernising Bosch manufacturing plants in India, the bulk of the investments will go towards further expanding Bosch’s new Adugodi smart campus in Bengaluru.

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Last updated: March 20, 2024
by and Alex Morrell is a senior correspondent at Business Insider covering Wall Street at large.

Bengaluru, June 25, 2018

German technology company Bosch will invest Euro 220 million in India over the next three years for expansion. “In order to meet rising demand in the Indian market with tailored solutions, we will be investing some Euro 220 million over the next three years,” said Dr Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board of management of the Bosch Group.

In addition, the plan is to further expand India’s strong role in the Bosch Group’s global network. Apart from modernising Bosch manufacturing plants in India, the bulk of the investments will go towards further expanding Bosch’s new Adugodi smart campus in Bengaluru. The former manufacturing site is being converted into a high-tech engineering center. In the past five years, Bosch has already invested a total of some Euro 670 million in the country.

Bosch can see clear indications of recovery in India. “India’s economy is on the rise again and showing great potential,” said Dr Volkmar Denner. The country’s GDP is forecast to grow 7.7 percent this year, with a similar outlook for the years ahead. Even now, India is already Asia’s third largest economy. The Bosch Group sees a wealth of possibilities there – for example with solutions for electromobility, connected mobility services, and through government initiatives for smart cities and Industry 4.0. In the past year, the supplier of technology and services generated sales of Euro 2.2 billion in the local market, registering double-digit growth of more than 15 per cent. Bosch expects to see business continue to develop positively in India in the medium term.

The transformation of India’s automotive market harbours major opportunities and has long since displaced Germany as the world’s fourth largest automotive market. In 2017, vehicle sales rose 9.5 per cent. Beginning in April 2020, India is planning to switch from the BS-IV to the BS-VI emissions standard (which corresponds to Euro 6). At the same time, the government is pressing ahead with the development of electromobility solutions adapted to the Indian market. The Bosch Group offers technology to support both initiatives.

The new smart campus in Adugodi is at the heart of the Bosch Group’s engineering activities in India. More than 3,600 engineers are employed there. Altogether, some 18,000 of the 31,000 Bosch associates in India work in research and development at several locations in Bengaluru and Coimbatore. This makes India the most significant location for Bosch engineering activities outside Germany. The solutions developed by these Indian engineers include a connectivity solution tailored to the Indian market. The telematics platform makes precise vehicle data available on a smartphone. Some of the most important benefits include fleet management, emergency services, off-road applications and intelligent transportation for smart cities. The Connected Mobility Solutions division established by Bosch at the beginning of the year will be using solutions such as this to take the connected mobility business forward in India as well.

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