Home EV Updates Graphite may have big role in EV industry expansion

Graphite may have big role in EV industry expansion

Graphite may have big role in EV industry expansion

LondonThe next commodity supercycle could
start and end with Chinese graphite, the single most important battery material
right now in terms of supply and demand. 

one the world’s top producers is a North American company with processing
facilities set up in China right next to one of the world’s largest
graphite mines. 

it’s gearing up to become a very unique graphite bridge
between China and the United States. Without it, there may be no
lithium-ion battery, and while battery and EV makers have been busy trying to
secure offtake agreements for lithium, graphite is now anticipating a major
supply squeeze. Some 70% of all graphite comes from China, and
Graphex Group Ltd already looks to be one of the Top 5 producers
in China of spherical graphite production and one of the top in the

Graphex plans to build a bridge back home. Bolstered by long-term
contracts with the Chinese state-owned enterprise and lucrative offtake
agreements with major manufacturers along the battery and EV supply chain,
Graphex is now planning a major expansion of production. And it’s working to
bring its processing technology to North America, too. 

graphite comprising almost half the materials mix in the lithium-ion battery,
the singular fact that 13 battery gigafactories are being planned for the
United States alone could cause a furor along the supply chain. 

estimates that the United States energy storage market could grow
to $426 billion over the next decade. None of it happens without
graphite. All of this renders graphite a battery material of national interest
and global strategic urgency. 

only graphite deep processing facilities in the world are said to be
in China, where Graphex Group Ltd. has been operating since
2013. With the majority of the world’s graphite coming from China,
and most anodes in EV batteries or energy storage components requiring
graphite, a top producer like Graphex Group Ltd, with expansion plans in the
works, may stand to benefit greatly–and could reward investors in the

is all made possible due to the fact that Graphex’s processing facilities are
right next to the largest flake graphite source in the world,
in China’s Heilongjiang Province. And its graphite processing
technology is all protected by a litany of patents–23 in total–covering
everything from production methods and equipment design to environmental
protection and graphene applications. 

are graphite processing veterans, with a long-running track record in an
industry where the barrier to entry is quite high.
Nio plans to build 4,000
battery-swapping stations worldwide by 2025, Reuters has reported, citing
the company’s president Qin Lihong.

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