Home News Greaves forays into mini tractor market

Greaves forays into mini tractor market

Greaves forays into mini tractor market


Greaves Farm Equipment Business, part of Greaves Cotton, has forayed into the mini tractor market segment. The company has launched its first mini tractor called the Ustad in the 11-12 HP segment, which caters to a land holding size of 3 to 5 acres. This smart working mini tractor comes with a variety of unique features. Designed primarily for farming operations, Ustad lends itself to multiple operations such as haulage, cultivator, seed drill, pesticide sprayer, rotavator, etc. Greaves Ustad is fitted with an emission compliant, easy to service, economical and fuel-efficient Greaves G 600 W II engine with a Low Diesel consumption of 1 litre per hour. The 4 stroke direct injection single cylinder engine offers a Maximum torque of 32 NM. Greaves Ustad features forward – reverse with eight forward and two reverse gears, completely sealed water proof mechanical brakes and a pawl and ratchet type locking arrangement as a standard fitment. Ustad comes with a combination of synchromesh, constant and sliding mesh gear shifting with epicyclical planetary reduction gear that is suited for all agricultural operations and haulage. With a minimum turning radius of 2.1 M without brakes, which is by far the smallest in industry, Greaves Ustad offers users the easiest maneuverability. Ustad presents a three point linkage allowing for attachment of various implements like plough, cultivator, and harrow seed drill and for movement of implements.

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