Home News Hyundai launches 4WD in Tucson SUV

Hyundai launches 4WD in Tucson SUV

Hyundai launches 4WD in Tucson SUV

Delhi, October 7, 2017

Hyundai Motors India Ltd (HMIL) introduced the most awaited the four-wheel drive system (4WD) in the Tucson. enhancing the Dynamic Global SUV portfolio.

The 4WD is offered in 2.0 Diesel AT GLS variant and offers petrol and diesel trims in two-wheel drive. The 4WD comes with an on-demand 4WD function which automatically implements rear wheel traction control by intelligently assessing the terrain and the engine driving power automatically gets distributed to all four wheels without the driver’s intervention. It also improves stability while cornering and maintains traction on rough, loose or slippery surfaces.

Advanced traction cornering control is another integral feature of the Tucson’s 4WD. It helps to transfer torque to the wheels that has the most grip resulting in improved cornering performance.

Commenting on the introduction of 4WD Tucson, Y K Koo, MD and CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd said,“We are happy to introduce the most awaited 4WD global SUV Tucson to the Indian market. Introduction of 4WD is to bring to the customer the next level of cutting edge technology in dynamic styling, athletic performance, advanced safety and smart comfort as product innovation towards competitive advantage in fast growing SUV market while also enhancing the overall price value equation through value engineering and passing the price benefit to customer.”

The on-demand 4WD system ensures better fuel efficiency by intelligently switching on or off the 4WD system. The performance is optimised and there is low wear-and-tear of mechanical parts. Tucson 4WD system also offers 4WD lock mode which helps to activate the 4WD function manually based on user demand, resulting in a torque split of 50:50 between front and rear wheels.

The 4WD Tucson offers a perfect combination of a high performance off-roader SUV along with comfort and stylish road presence.

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