Home News India’s safest pick-and-carry crane by Escorts unveiled at Excon 2017

India’s safest pick-and-carry crane by Escorts unveiled at Excon 2017

India’s safest pick-and-carry crane by Escorts unveiled at Excon 2017

Bengaluru, December 15, 2017

Escorts Construction Equipment (ECE), the construction and material handling equipment manufacturing arm of Escorts Limited, today launched India’s safest pick-and-carry crane, CT Smart 15, at the Excon 2017 in Bengaluru, along with best-in-class Soil Compactor 3212 in the 12-tonne class and upgraded Hydra series pick-and-carry crane.

Unparalleled in safety, the newly launched CT Smart 15 Crane, has unique anti-toppling and anti-lifting features that provide enhanced safety on the site. Developed with indigenous R&D, in sync with Make in India, CT Smart 15 Crane has turning radius of just six meters that competes with today’s SUVs. This crane provides auto de-rated load chart in articulation along with many other standard features.

Escorts showcased its robust product portfolio in material handling, soil compaction and earth-moving equipment. All construction and material handling equipment from the Escorts stable are BS III emission norms compliant. Its Junglee class of earth movers that come with world’s best Knorr driving lines is targeted at capturing the customer demand, both corporate and retail, fueled by new wave of government driven infrastructure activities in country.

According to Ajay Mandahr, CEO, Escorts Construction Equipment, “Our USP is value innovation and most competitive operating costs. The demand for safer and more productive solutions has brought a zing to the construction and material handling equipment manufacturing industry and we at Escorts are fully equipped to cater to the same. Brand Escorts has credible footprints in the SAARC, Middle East, Latin America and Africa and exports therefore will be a key driver for our overall growth strategy. We are also exploring other opportunities in complementing product segments to further expand our portfolio.

He further added saying, “We are targeting double digit growth in next four years. We are in the business of providing practical and comprehensive solutions to our customers in material handling, earth-moving and road construction space. Escorts currently enjoys over 40 per cent market share in the Pick-n-Carry Crane segment and is growing. Within Compaction Equipment segment, the target is to increase our market share to 15 per cent. In the earth-moving segment our products viz, Digmax-II and Jungli are well differentiated and offer several advantages over the competing products. Jungali is positioned as heavy-duty machine for hard strata application and is caters to the niche segment where we are going strong.”

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