Home News JBM Solaris launches all-electric bus at Auto Expo 2018

JBM Solaris launches all-electric bus at Auto Expo 2018

JBM Solaris launches all-electric bus at Auto Expo 2018

Noida, February 16, 2018

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JBM Solaris Electric Vehicles (P) Ltd, a JV between India’s leading automotive company, JBM Auto Ltd and Europe’s e-mobility major, Solaris Bus & Coach SA, today launched its 100 per cent Electric Bus series Eco-Life at the Auto Expo 2018. The bus was launched by S K Arya, Chairman, JBM Group; Nishant Arya, Executive Director, JBM Group; Solange Olszewska, CEO, Solaris Bus & Coach SA and Dariusz Michalak, Deputy CEO, Solaris Bus & Coach SA.

Eco-Life, a zero emission vehicle (ZEV), will save around 959 equivalent tons of carbon dioxide and 3,50,000 liters of diesel over 10 years of operation. This is a huge evolution from how public transportation operates in India. Eco-Life, powered by fast charging lithium batteries, can run 150 to 200 kms in 10 to 15 hours of city bus operation, depending on the city’s traffic conditions. The lithium batteries are chargeable through pantograph as well as plug-in charging system. Offering a completely flexible solution, the electric bus technology is adaptable to the city bus operation depending on demographic and geographic conditions.

JBM Solaris Eco-Life electric buses come in as a just in time solution addressing the growing environmental concerns in our country. JBM’s focus is to be a one-stop solution provider in the EV segment by providing a complete ecosystem solution for e-mobility ie electric bus, battery technology, charging infrastructure and operating pattern. By way of its in-house R&D centres, JBM Solaris offers an entire range of activities right from design, development, engineering, prototyping to testing and validation.

Speaking on the occasion, Nishant Arya said, “India is promisingly advancing towards graduating to a non-fossil fuel based public transportation ecosystem. Our Government is aggressively looking at incorporating 100 per cent eco-friendly and self-sustainable mass transport solutions by 2030. In line with the Government’s vision, our focus is to bring path breaking innovation in the electric vehicle space. This vision is just the tip of the iceberg projecting the massive revolution that the country will witness with the adoption of more electric vehicles in the system. Eco-Life is our first offering in this direction. We are committed to offering a complete ecosystem solution for e-mobility, thus supporting a green and sustainable environment”.

Solange Olszewska, CEO, Solaris Bus & Coach SA,“We have delivered memorable travel experiences in over 30 countries and now we are excited to be present in India, the hub of innovation. The new Solaris Urbino 12 electric was named “Bus of the Year 2017” which is testimony of our technology and performance. JBM and Solaris together are set to revolutionise public transportation in India with Eco-Life. The buses will be ‘Made in India’ with our proven technology”.

Eco-Life will be manufactured at the company’s hi-tech facilities in Faridabad (Haryana) and Kosi (Uttar Pradesh). These plants have an installed capacity to manufacture 2,000 buses annually. Eco-life has a corrosion resistant monocoque structure to ensure maximum strength and minimum weight, matching European standards for safety in case of front/side collision and rollover accidents. The bus has cantilever seats that give extra leg room for passengers and increased storage space underneath for belongings.

Eco-life also incorporates other utility features such as passenger information system (PIS) connected to GPS, vehicle health monitoring system, battery management system, fire detection and suppression system, etc. Eco-Life also has features like independent front suspension, electronic braking system, wheelchair ramp, innovative electric drive system and kneeling mechanism, wherein the bus kneels 60mm towards the passengers’ door side to facilitate boarding and de-boarding of senior citizens, children and the specially-abled. For drivers, the ergonomically designed touch screen dashboard provides an intuitive and user-friendly system that allows drivers to concentrate on driving without distractions, which make it a truly global product.

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