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Land Rover on top of US car market

Land Rover on top of US car market

Land Rover came out on top of the US auto market in 2015, the industry`s busiest year since the horse and buggy. The blue-blood British brand, owned by Tata Motors, sold 70,582 vehicles in the US last year, a 37 per cent increase over its 2014 tally. No other major car maker accelerated as quickly, as the industry overall notched a 5.2 per cent increase in vehicles sold. “I think cool Britannia, to some degree, is coming back again,” said Joe Eberhardt, Chief Executive Officer of Jaguar Land Rover
North America.

With a line of boxy SUVs, Land Rover got some help last year from low interest rates and relatively cheap gas, though household income of the average buyer was $450,000, the company says–so dollars saved at the pump weren`t likely the key factor. Given its wealthy customers, the brand also didn`t have to do much in the way of incentives, so the sales jump should correlate to a healthy gain in profit, which isn`t always the case in the car business.

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