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The only laser and photonics trade fair of India will showcase the laser and photonics solutions and solutions for various applications of lasers in the automotive sector.

Demand for industrial laser and optical systems are increasing and lasers are paving the way for new materials and processes in production. At this point, LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA, India’s only laser and photonics trade fair, proves to be an important gateway for the growth and use of lasers and optoelectronics in production for various industry sectors. This year the trade fair will be hosted in Bengaluru during September 21-23, 2016.

LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA will also showcase solutions for various applications of lasers in the automotive sector, in areas like hot forming, plastics welding of highlights, 3D laser cutting of ABC pillars, welding of powertrain components, marking of day/night switches and speedometers, roof brazing and many more.

Today, it is common for global automotive manufacturers to use laser processing in their production, such as cutting, welding, marking, hardening, or surface treatment. The automotive industry has always been one of the driving forces behind innovative laser applications. Laser offers improved flexibility and ease of automation to this sector. They are now used to process almost the entire vehicle body, including roof seam and door welding applications, annealing of door-springs, and marking of day and night panels etc.

Among this year’s exhibitors, participating in automotive sector, TRUMPF, Sahajanand Laser Technology, Scantech Laser, and Star Laser would lead the field.

“Laser has been one of the most sophisticated tools for any manufacturing process. In the automotive industry conventional approaches have increased up to 30 per cent. The Indian market for lasers is continuously growing, but there are still areas that need favourable policies to grow, like the markets for semiconductors and photonics,” said Maulik Patel, Executive Director, Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd.

Additive manufacturing in automotive industry will be one of the topics in the accompanying Seminar on 3D printing and additive manufacturing applications. The seminar is focused on the laser-based plastic and metal 3D printing technologies and its industrial applications. It will be held on September 21 in association with the Additive Manufacturing Society of India.

Besides the technological achievements in production, achieving a safe laser environment at any production or research location should be in the focus of anyone who constructs implements or uses laser technology. For this purpose, the Laser Safety Forum at LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA 2016 – a comprehensive point of information, learning and networking for both exhibitors and visitors – will cover all aspects of laser safety practice and hazard control. Laser safety experts will share their know-how and teach about the practical applications of laser safety. The Laser Safety Forum will explore every day scenarios that any user involved in laser activities may encounter.
As Bengaluru is the South Indian industry hub for many industries and R&D centres, LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA 2016 expects a strong visitor turn-out from several industries, such as automotive, machine tools, electronics, defence & aerospace, research institutes, engineering schools and polytechnic universities, to name a few. Among a total of around 160 exhibitors, key players like IPG Photonics, Laser Science, Advanced Photonics, Dynotech Instruments, Jenoptik, Merck, OptoTech, Schneider GmbH & Co. KG and TOPTICA Photonics will showcase their solutions. This year, international pavilions would include Germany, China, Japan, Lithuania, Singapore and Great Britain, who have confirmed their participation at LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA.

“We are constantly on the lookout for a platform to demonstrate our technology and LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA 2016 has been that particular platform for us. With the new government talking about innovative policies, the scope for the laser industry is widening. Make in India initiative is creating ripples across the manufacturing world and advanced technology, the quality is becoming the need of the hour provoking local manufacturers to innovate more and produce more. We have been associated with LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA since its inception and the event has given us access to the stakeholder community,” said Indrajit Rana, National Sales Manager, Laser Technology India, TRUMPF India.

“We are delighted to bring to the Garden City, our niche trade fair in high-tech applications, at the LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA once again, which will showcase specific applications of lasers in almost every sector, specifically the automobile sector. The highly acclaimed trade fair will continue to live up to the expectations of the previous years and this year will aim to add another dimension by creating an effective platform to further attract both business visitors and decision makers alike,” said Bhupinder Singh, Chief Executive Officer, MMI India.

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