Home Technical Articles LetsTransport to expand EV fleet with Etrio

LetsTransport to expand EV fleet with Etrio

LetsTransport to expand EV fleet with Etrio


Bengaluru-based tech-logistics company,
LetsTransport, has entered into an agreement with Etrio to add electric
vehicles to its fleet. The company has done this because it realises the need
to achieve sustainable growth and also to o increase the energy efficiency of
the logistics sector. The company will deploy Touro three-wheeler EV across
metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, NCR, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and
Pune for its last-mile operations over the next 6 months. These vehicles are
used to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as they will replace fossil fuel

The vehicles by the company will also be
used for ecommerce activities and exchange of vegetables, fruits, food, and
FMCG sectors.  The Etrio Touro vehicles
are used to move medium and large-sized shipments as they can carry 500
kilograms for a distance of 80 to 90 kilometres.

According to Pushkar Singh, CEO &
Co-Founder, LetsTransport, the company has been working on EV pilots across
India and is associated with clients like Delhivery and Big Basket. He also
said that EV is going to be the future of urban freight movement. The company
is also working towards adoption of EVs especially in the last mile space and
the Touro by Etrio is the best fit for the company to
meet its sustainability goals, he added.

As per Deepak MV, Co-founder & CEO,
Etrio, the company has the mission of Electrifying intra-city logistics, so the
association with Lets Transport is the first step towards achieving that
mission. The company is excited to support its logistic partners through its
innovative sales cum leasing model. The company has a unique driver training
& certification program.

– Press release of “LetsTransport”





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