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Machine tools and the automotive sector are inseparable

Machine tools and the automotive sector are inseparable

— A V Srinivasan, CEO, Meiban Engineering Technologies

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Meiban Engineering Technologies specialises in the field of automation and turnkey projects for manufacturing automobile sheet metal components. The company supplies and services sheet metal machines like CNC Servo Turret Punch presses. The company also supplies punching and shearing machines, and panel benders. Excerpts from an interview to Eliza Waghmare.

What is your view on the current machine tools industry of India?

As you are aware we are experiencing a slowdown. The slowdown of the manufacturing activities in the automotive industry, and the slowdown in the manufacturing sector as a whole, has affected us. It has affected the machine tools industry to a certain extent. We are expecting the manufacturing sector, of which the automotive industry is a part, to perform better in the 2014-15 financial year.

Have you introduced any new products in the Indian market?

Yes. We have introduced three new machines to supplement our product line. These three machines will help us to fill up the gaps. They are also better suited to the requirements of the customers. The three machines comprise MW80 in linear tool type, MW180 in turret type and the new MW120. In sheet metal, we have launched an all-new 30-tonne punching machine.

What are your upcoming plans?

We are focusing on the localisation of our engineering services. We are also focusing on the localisation of local turnkey for our turning machines. Self-sufficiency in our Indian operations is our priority. In fact, it is our priority more than ever before.

What are your growth expectations and for the industry?

Despite the expectation of Indian economy returning to high growth track soon, we expect a turnaround in the machine tools sector to be slower. We feel that the demand for machine tools will take more time to return. We are looking for a growth horizon of two-to-three years.

What is your view on the use of machine tools for the automotive segment?

Machine tools and automotive sector are inseparable. Almost every stage of production involves machine tools, and with increased volume and quality we foresee an increased need for automation to ensure consistency. If auto sector grows, the machine tools industry will grow too.

What are the major challenges that this industry faces?

Volatility and ever changing needs pose a problem to our users. While these translate as challenges for us, there is a rising pressure to reduce costs.

What are your expectations from the new government for the upliftment of this segment?

Stable administration, return to high rate of infrastructure development, reduction in interest rates, and well co-ordinated and smooth implementation of GST all over the country are some of the expectations we have.

Any more details you would like to add from your side?

Looking at the market size and the nature as well as the number of industries, it is clear that there is a need to focus on development of skills. A clear focus is needed on the development of skill sets. It is also necessary that more and more of our young people are brought into the educational stream so that those with good skill sets are available. This, I feel, will go a long way in supporting the manufacturing sector in this country.

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