Home News Mahindra awarded by FICCI for its role in road safety

Mahindra awarded by FICCI for its role in road safety

Mahindra awarded by FICCI for its role in road safety

Mumbai, November 25, 2017

Mahindra and Mahindra was awarded the “Role of corporates in road safety” award under the Road Safety Analysis and Action Category at the FICCI Road Safety Awards 2017. The company received the award for its flagship project named ‘Zero fatality corridor on the Mumbai Pune Expressway’.

The Award was jointly received by Mahindra and Mahindra with JP Research India Pvt Ltd (JPRI). JPRI received the award for its Road Accident Sampling System India (RASSI)-Mumbai Pune Expressway Project. The FICCI Road Safety Awards aim to recognise and felicitate impactful road safety initiatives undertaken by government bodies, corporates and individual. The awards also promote corporate programs that are designed to mitigate or reduce road risks.

Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd won the award for work done in the areas of engineering, enforcement, emergency care and education on the Mumbai Pune Expressway that has led to a reduction in accident fatalities. The project is a pioneering attempt to reduce the number of road accident deaths on the Mumbai Pune Expressway from an annual average of 140 to zero by the year 2020. The project has been highly effective as it has lowered road crash fatalities by 45 per cent on the Expressway in the first nine months of 2017, as compared to the same period last year.

Vijay Nair, VP – Employee Relations (Auto Division), Administration and CSR (Auto, Farm and Agri Division) M&M Ltd said “As responsible corporate citizens, we at Mahindra are committed to the cause of Road Safety. Our initiative, the ‘Zero fatality corridor’ on the Mumbai Pune Expressway has yielded significant results over the last twenty months and we are determined to further our progress. We are thankful to our partners, MSRDC and the SaveLIFE Foundation for their unflinching support and determination to achieve ‘zero deaths’ on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway by 2020”.

The project was launched on February 22, 2016 with the signing of a tripartite MoU between Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd, MSRDC and SaveLIFE Foundation. SaveLIFE Foundation is a non-profit non-government organisation that works toward improving road safety in India. The project is being implemented through them with a 360-degree approach using the four ‘E’s of road safety, namely, engineering, enforcement, emergency care, and education.

From JPRI, the award was received by Ravishankar Rajaraman, JPRI Technical Director and Chairman-RASSI Technical Steering Committee and Vernon Chinnadurai, Project Leader – Pune, JPRI. Under the RASSI-Mumbai Pune Expressway, JPRI, since 2012 has examined and conducted an in-depth analysis of accidents and various factors influencing accidents and injury occurrences on the Mumbai–Pune Expressway. This has been done to facilitate the planning of cost-effective road safety investments using data-driven road safety strategies.

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