Home News Mercedes-Benz launches mechatronics course in Bengaluru college

Mercedes-Benz launches mechatronics course in Bengaluru college

Mercedes-Benz launches mechatronics course in Bengaluru college

Bengaluru, August 30, 2018

Luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz India has launched its mechatronics course – Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics (ADAM) – at the Bengaluru-based Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering – the first college in entire Southern India to run this course autonomously. With this inauguration of the Mechatronics course, Mercedes-Benz once more underlines the need to create highly skilled workforce, who are ready for the technologically advanced machines of the future. The company is focused towards adapting to the fast changing requirements of the automobile industry for future, thus making the educated youth of the country employable and future ready.

Santosh Iyer, Vice-President, Customer Services & Corporate Affairs, Mercedes-Benz India said, “Mercedes-Benz’s Mechatronic course has been a flagship programme where we actively support the Government’s ‘Skill India’ initiative through a PPP model. This course has been a flag bearer of our commitment towards developing a workforce which is not only high skilled for today’s industry requirements, but also ready for the challenges in the future transition which we foresee. We have been focusing continuously towards making Mechatronics course more accessible to aspiring and talented students across the country. Towards this we already have tripled the total intake this year to 240 seats across 8 institutes, both Government and autonomous. We now plan to double the current capacity in 2019 and bring more such reputed colleges under the aegis of ADAM course.”

He added, “Today there’s a dire need for a distinctive approach towards providing quality technical education to the students in this country, and also to make them employable for the industry. The inauguration of Mercedes-Benz’s first Mechatronics course in Karnataka in collaboration with RV College of Engineering is a right step towards this direction. We have already received overwhelming response for the course underlying its popularity, and high industry acceptability. We will be continuing our efforts towards this direction and contributing towards making the auto industry ready for its next wave of highly complex future cars.”

Dr M K Panduranga Setty, President, RVCE, commented, “Collaborations with a global icon like Mercedes-Benz is a matter of immense pride for us. ADAM training program will ensure that our students receive quality education along with training and understanding of cutting-edge technology as per the current automotive industry norms. As the technology hub of the country, it is important that we include such courses as a part of the curriculum for the students. We are confident this collaboration will be immensely beneficial for creating successful careers for students in this region. Together we will ensure our students are prepared to become an essential part of the skilled workforce for the industry.”

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