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Metal part cleaning systems

Metal part cleaning systems

Crest Ultrasonics offers innovative and advanced cleaning solutions for automotive industry.

Metal parts cleaning, like most metalworking processes, is experiencing ever-tightening specifications. Owing to the constantly increasing requirements in terms of efficiency, quality and environmental protection the cleaning of industrial parts has become absolutely essential in modern manufacturing processes. It is highly critical especially in case of automotive components, aerospace parts and medical implants.

Crest Ultrasonics offers the right solution in metal part cleaning to achieve the required cleanliness level with consistency, without spoiling environment. Having the latest technology with several patents and innovation in ultrasonic cleaning technology, the lab versed with sophisticated equipment to understand and measure the contamination, as well as to find out the suitable process along equipment, Crest understands customer requirement precisely and suggests the most suitable system (as per Millipore standards or Particle counts), maintaining zero rejection level along higher productivity.

Aqueous based 4 or 5-station cleaning systems

The 4-station wash-rinse-rinse-dry is ideal for cleaning at the microscopic level. The 5-station wash-wash-rinse-rinse-dry system is configured for dual process or semi-aqueous precision cleaning applications. Standard tanks sizes (for manual and automated consoles) range from 10? (L) x 14? (W) x 10? (D) to 24? (L) x 36? (W) x 20? (D). Custom tank sizes are also available. The Crest Ultrasonics Optimum Console is a cost-effective, highly flexible solution for all industrial precision cleaning applications. Engineered with a compact, space-saving design and rugged, stainless steel tubular frame, it offers the convenience of an all-in-one, wash-rinse-dry design with a single-point facility connection for easy installation.

Solvent-based precise cleaning system

Crest solvent-based precise cleaning systems are passed from pollution board in California and known for negligible solvent emission with small footprint, less energy consumption and inbuilt refrigeration. Model F-100-1010 consumes hardly one litre solvent per week and electrical energy consumption is hardly
2-3 kW only.

Ultrasonic immersion box: Rectangular immersion box can create ultrasonic energy in an existing cleaning solution tank. Crest ceramically enhanced transducers with true sweep technology ensures consistency in cleaning with long life.

Push pull resonator transducers: These patented solid resonators
are great invention in transducer technology. It is solid rod transducer which can be immersed in any liquid tank. These transducers can’t get puncture or leak as these are solid
rod transducers.

Crest Ultrasonics can offer variety, small bench top models to large 100,000 litre tanks and aqueous/solvent-based with 25 kHz, 40 kHz, 68 kHz….132 kHz,198 kHz…..1 MHz frequency.

The Crest Ultrasonics Optimum Console is a cost-effective, highly flexible solution for all industrial precision cleaning applications.

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