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MTU Expands Service Capabilities in India


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Last updated: March 20, 2024
by and Alex Morrell is a senior correspondent at Business Insider covering Wall Street at large.

MTU India, a Tognum Group company which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of engines and propulsion systems for off-highway applications and distributed power generation systems, opened a new engine test cell facility at its MTU India Service Centre in Tathawade, Pune. The test cell’s dynamometer system is capable of testing all MTU engines up to Series 4000 engines in the range of 300 to 4,300 kW, as per MTU test protocol, and for all applications. In February 2010, MTU India opened its new head office for sales and service operations in Pune. “The addition of the new engine test cell facility to the MTU India Service Centre brings a new phase in MTU India’s ability to meet its Indian customers’ needs in the region,” a press release states.

Satish Phadke, director and CEO of MTU India, said, “With the inauguration of our new engine test cell facility, MTU India will be able to expand on its commitment to customers on service and better meet customer expectations for witnessing full load cycle test at our service centre in India. Hence, this is an important milestone for our customer service capabilities in the region.” Tony Davis, vice president for network management and global distribution at MTU, inaugurated the engine test cell facility, and said, “Establishing the new test cell at MTU India Service Centre is in line with Tognum’s expansion plan in India. Since 2010, we have expanded our presence in the Indian market with continued investments in terms of facilities, tools and network. These investments will go a long way in meeting the expectations of our esteemed customers in India.”

MTU is a leading manufacturer of large diesel engines and complete propulsion systems. Together with MTU Onsite Energy, MTU is one of the leading brands of Tognum AG, Germany. Its product range covers diesel engines as well as complete propulsion systems for ships, heavy agricultural, rail and military vehicles, and for the oil and gas industry. These products are based on diesel engines up to 10,000 kilowatts (kW) power output, gas engines up to 2,150 kW and gas turbines up to 45,000 kW. MTU has a global distributor support network that can provide service and parts’ support wherever energy and petroleum activity takes place. “MTU is recognised as a technological leader in engines for various applications, providing cutting-edge products and superior reliability and durability,” the release states.

MTU India (P) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tognum Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore (formerly known as MTU Asia Pte Ltd). MTU in India is engaged in the business of marketing and distribution of MTU, Detroit Diesel and Mercedes Benz (off-highway) diesel engines and spare parts. This also includes an initiative to start an engineering and research center outside Germany for the first time. The MTU EARC is located at Pune at a separate facility and operates as an STPI unit. The main function of the EARC is to support MTU Global Engineering & Research Division with the design of engine components and systems. The MTU Global Purchasing Office in India has been functional from August 2011 and its primary function is to support MTU Friedrichshafen for developing engine component suppliers in India.

With its two business units, engines and onsite energy, the Tognum Group provides products based on diesel engines with up to 10,000 kilowatts (kW) power output, gas engines up to 2,150 kW and gas turbines up to 45,000 kW. The product portfolio of its engines business unit comprises MTU engines and propulsion systems for ships, heavy land, rail and defence vehicles, and for the oil and gas industry. The onsite energy business unit supplies distributed power generation systems which comprise diesel engines for emergency power, prime power and continuous power, as well as cogeneration power plants based on gas engines and gas turbines that generate both power and heat.

Tognum’s product portfolio also features fuel-injection systems built by L’Orange. In 2012, Tognum generated revenue of around Euro 3.015 billion and employs more than 10,000 people. Tognum has a global manufacturing, distribution and service structure with 24 fully consolidated companies, more than 140 sales partners and over 500 authorised dealerships at approximately 1,200 locations. Since mid-March 2013, Tognum AG has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Engine Holding GmbH, a joint venture of Daimler AG and Rolls-Royce Group PLC.

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