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Nissan brings Safety Driving Forum to Chennai

Nissan brings Safety Driving Forum to Chennai

Nissan Motor India, which begun its Nissan Safety
Driving Forum (NSDF) in India in early February 2013 has now arrived to Chennai
in order to raise awareness about road safety and highlight the benefits of
safety technologies in cars. The program will be conducted in Chennai
for two days in the parking area of The Express Avenue in Chennai on March 2
and 3 2013.

The two-day activity will enable participants to learn about
safety through panel displays and simulator devices. At the safety forum,
participants will be taught the importance of seatbelts and how airbags
function. Participants will also be able to test drive Nissan vehicles and
learn about onboard safety technologies, including the Anti-Lock Brake System


There were static displays explaining safety features like
lane departure warning, brake assist and ABS. Apart from these, two simulators
were also on hand. One showed participants the benefits of seat belts by
turning a Nissan Micra upside down with passengers seated inside, while the
other simulated the forces experienced by passengers in case of a collision and
air bag’s functionality.

After launching the event, Managing Director & CEO of
Nissan Motor India, Takayuki Ishida said, “The growing number of cars on
Indian roads has also resulted in increased number of accidents. Nissan as an
automobile manufacturer understands its social responsibility and strongly
believes that “Safety begins with ME.” The Nissan Safety Driving
Forum has been formed to educate drivers, co-passengers as well as other road
users on safety practices with a focus on reducing road accidents.”


Nissan seeks to support reducing fatalities and
injuries caused by traffic accidents, and Nissan Safety Driving Forum
represents the company’s commitment to contribute to the new, growing mobility
society. The program was earlier launched in Delhi in early February followed
by Mumbai in mid February and now has been launched in Chennai as well. Mr
Ishida added that the equipments have been specifically designed and made it
locally to simulate the actual road conditions and Nissan has invested Rs 70
million towards this unique initiative.

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