Home News Nissan recalls 1.2 million cars after Japanese govt raid

Nissan recalls 1.2 million cars after Japanese govt raid

Nissan recalls 1.2 million cars after Japanese govt raid

Tokyo, 6, Oct, 2017

Nissan recalled 1.2 million vehicles from the past three years after a raid from the Japan’s transport ministry. The ministry raided two plants producing Nissan cars as part of a probe into unauthorised vehicle inspection.

The recall will involve all the 1.2 million cars that Nissan sold in the past three years, from October 2014 to October 2017. As Japan’s second-largest automaker, the company announced that they would be conducting re-inspections of all the recalled vehicles that do not include Nissan-branded mini-vehicles. IN this process the company will lose around 25 billion yen, which is $222 million.

The probe revealed that Nissan’s final products were not inspected by authorised technicians. The final inspection documents were falsified as the inspectors were uncertified. The company plans to recall 386,000 passenger vehicles that it sold in Japan including top sellers like the Serena minivan and the Note compact hatchback.

“We must take the registration framework and procedures seriously, regardless of how busy we may be or how short-staffed we may be. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers “said Hiroto Saikawa, CEO, Nissan Motor Co at a media conference.

Saikawa assured the media that a third party would be present during the re-inspection procedure. The company would also look into why the fraudulent documents were issued in the first place. The entire process is predicted to take about a month.

After the announcement, Nissan’s share prices plummeted to 5.3 per cent following which their sources declined to comment or identify themselves.

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