Home News Ola Auto gets tech upgrade through seamless Wifi connection

Ola Auto gets tech upgrade through seamless Wifi connection

Ola Auto gets tech upgrade through seamless Wifi connection

Bengaluru, October 31, 2017

For the first time ever, one of the country’s oldest and most traditional modes of transportation gets a tech upgrade as Ola has announced its industry-first innovation ‘Auto-Connect Wifi’ for the Ola Auto category, giving the country’s oldest and most traditional mode of transport a tech upgrade.

Launched in 2014, Ola Auto brought a facelift to the existing ecosystem of India’s three wheeled vehicles, allowing millions of citizens to book, track and pay for auto-rickshaw rides through their Ola app.

Adding seamless Wifi internet connectivity to truly valuable propositions such as on demand service, transparent pricing, cashless payments, door-to-door pickup and drop, GPS tracking and more for customers, Ola has taken commuting by the country’s most ubiquitous platform to the next level.

Siddharth Agrawal, Sr Director and Category Head – Auto said, “We have already disrupted the transportation sector by bringing one of the most traditional means of commute online for commuters and driver partners. With Auto-Connect Wifi, we are reinventing the three wheelers [segment] and enabling a connected experience for our customers.” He further added, “Our Auto-Connect Wifi experience is built on the foundations of key government initiatives such as Digital India. Through this first-of-its-kind innovation, we want to not only improve the quality of time spent while on the road, but also help build easy access to millions of users across the country.”

Following the massive popularity of Ola Auto-Connect Wifi for the Prime category, Ola soon expanded this offering to other categories including Mini, Lux, and Micro. With innovations such as ‘Auto-Connect Wifi’ and Ola Play that cater to this customer need efficiently, the company aims to usher in a digital revolution that has the potential to transform the experience of mobility for millions of users across the country.

Similar to other categories, Wifi connects seamlessly to internet for existing Ola customers as soon as the trip starts. First time users need to connect to the Wifi through a one-time authentication key on their phones and enjoy the seamless auto-connect experience, every time they book a new ride.

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