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OMRON launches colour mark sensor

OMRON launches colour mark sensor

Omron Automation has introduced a new range of colour mark sensors. The sensors – Photoelectric Sensor E3S-DC Series (E3S-DC) and Color Fiber Amplifier Unit E3NX-CA Series (E3NX-CA) can detect colour marks which are printed on glossy or colourful materials and may have only subtle differences in colours – which are currently very difficult to detect. This leads to a considerable reduction in the time necessary to start production and maintenance contributing to an overall enhancement in productivity in the entire packaging process.

“Inspired with our quest to proactively identify the challenges and needs of the target industry, we worked closely with the customers to come up with these sensors equipped with Omron’s proprietary sensing technology and algorithm to stably detect ‘differences in colours’ under varied demanding conditions. The sensors also help in optimising initially set parameters to adjust to minor changes in the colour of the packaging materials,” said Sameer Gandhi, Managing Director, Omron Automation, India.

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