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Premium products at competitive price

Premium products at competitive price

REEI delivers premium quality products competitive price right from conceptualisation to the final product.

Rubycon Electrical and Electronic Industries (REEI) is one of the largest manufacturers of light fittings in Gujarat. Its manufacturing plant, located in Sihor, Bhavnagar started in 1994, is spread over approximately 16,000 sq ft. The products range from interior light for offices, in all types of industries including automotive and paint booth industry, retail, hospitality, residential, warehouses, healthcare and other commercial establishments to exterior light used in parking lots, open spaces, highways, airport and billboards.

The company manufactures light fittings in sheet metal, extruded aluminium, cast aluminium suitable for all types of light sources such as CFL, T5, T8, LED, mercury, sodium metal halide, halogen, induction lamp etc, under the brand name of ‘EUROLITE’. The team consists of experts in the field of product design, production, administration and techno commercial. Along with the standard range of luminaries, REEI specialises in conceptualising and designing light fittings as per the client’s requirement.

REEI is also one of the leading manufacturers of paint booth light fittings under the brand name of ‘EUROLITE’ suitable for conventional tube as well as LED as light source. The company promises an exceptional paint booth environment as far as light is concerned with its line of light fittings. The company’s range of products in both conventional and LED light categories is designed to provide the finest output for the automobile industry. REEI supplies a range of industrial paint booth light fittings to the biggest two-wheeler, four-wheeler and multi-axle vehicle manufacturers in India.

REEI customises the manufacturing of paint booth light fittings as per the end-user needs and specifications. When it comes to raw materials, it ensures that quality is never compromised. The company deals with reputed market leaders to source all its raw materials. Its light fittings are fabricated from CRCA which are bought directly from Tata/Essar Steel while the aluminium extrusions are sourced from Hindalco and others. The light fittings are pre-treated through an 8-tank process and powder-coated using a conveyor system. All the processes are strictly monitored by its quality control team. It uses ballasts or LED drivers from Philips/Atco/BAG/Osram in all its light fittings. All electrical contacts are in brass. The company uses high quality pre-coated aluminium sheets in Grade 100 gloss finish with total minimum reflection of 86 per cent and diffused minimum reflection of 10 per cent and/or Grade 3050 matt finish with total reflection of 83 per cent and diffuse reflection of 80 per cent. Both these reflectors are imported from ACA, USA or Almecho, Italy. Its reflectors come with five years warranty for anodising quality, having a deterioration of light output over the warranty period to the extent of only 5 per cent subject to usual maintenance. The conventional tubes supplied by it, at the option of the customer are Philips tubes of 36W, 54W, and 58W having a lumen output of 3250, 4250 and 4600, respectively.

REEI’s new range of paint booth light fittings with LED as light source are also used in paint booth application for which it can provide the required photometric for deciding the number of fittings to be used in the booth. They are ideal for energy saving which is beneficial to the client as well as sustainable for the environment. The LED lights turn ON instantly at full luminosity, with no flickers providing uninterrupted performance. The LED tubes are from Philips having lumen output of 2100, life of 40,000 hours and a power consumption of 18W.

REEI’s endeavour is to deliver premium quality products at competitive prices with the whole package right from conceptualisation to the final product.

For further information contact:
Rajesh Shah
Rubycon Electrical & Electronic Industries
Tel: 022-30207700/22675470
Email: info@rubycon.in
Website: www.rubycon.in

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