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Premium products at competitive price

Premium products at competitive price

Rubycon delivers premium quality products at competitive price right from conceptualisation to the final product.

Rubycon Electrical and Electronic Industries (REEI), a privately owned firm, is one of the largest manufacturers of lighting fittings in Gujarat. Our manufacturing plant, started in 1994 is spread over approximately 16,000 sq ft and is located in Sihor, District Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Our products range from interior lighting for offices, in all types of industries including automotive and paint booth industry, retail, hospitality, residential, warehouses, health care and other commercial establishments to exterior lighting used in parking lots, open spaces, highways, airport and billboards.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Paint Booth light fittings under the brand name of “EUROLITE” suitable for conventional tube as well as LED as light source. We promise an exceptional paint booth environment as far as lighting is concerned with our line of light fittings. There are many factors that go into creating a well-lit and glare-free environment, including the design and construction of the light fitting, the quality of the raw materials used, the location of the light fitting in the booth which in turn depends upon the photometric of the light fittings, and the type of light source. Our range of products in both conventional and LED light categories is designed to provide the finest output for the automobile industry. Some of our esteemed client names include Durr India, Eisenmann India, Taikisha Engg. India, Rdevis Engineers, Global Engineers, Dukes Engineers, Sneha Automation, Trans Automation, Surfin Coating, Quattro Engineering, Plustech and many more. We supply a range of industrial paint booth light fittings to the biggest two-wheeler, four-wheeler and multi-axle vehicle manufacturers in India such as Mahindra Navistar, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mercedes-Benz, Yamaha Motor, Suzuki Motor, Honda Cars, Hero Motors, Royal Enfield, Eicher Motors, Hyundai, TVS Motor, Volvo, New Holland Fiat, Renault Nissan, Ford India, Volkswagen, Tata Autocomp, Tata Motors, John Deere, General Motors, Force Motors, IRCTC, Hindustan Aeronautics, Tractors and Farm Equipment (TAFE) etc.

Our team of experts can furnish the calculation needed for the number of light fittings to be used to achieve a targeted level of lux. Our range of products has been tested in laboratories which enable us to give precise outputs such as: Polar Diagram, Photometric Ready and Intensity Table, COU Table, Zonal Flex Diagram, and Uniformity V/S SHR.

Our new range of paint booth light fittings with LED as light source are also used in paint booth application for which we can provide the required photometric for deciding the number of fittings to be used in the booth. The LED lights turn ON instantly at full luminosity, with no flickers providing uninterrupted performance. The LED tubes are from Philips having lumen output of 2100, life of 40,000 hrs and a power consumption of 18W.

Our endeavour is to deliver premium quality products at competitive prices with the whole package right from conceptualisation to the final product.

For further information, contact:
Rajesh Shah
Rubycon Electrical & Electronic Industries
503, Gundecha Chambers, Mumbai 400023 Tel: +91-22-3020 7700/2267 5470
Email: info@rubycon.in
Website: www.rubycon.in

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