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Pumping solutions for auto industry

Pumping solutions for  auto industry

Grundfos offers intelligent and efficient pumping solutions for automobile industry.

Grundfos India, a leading pump manufacturers in the country, offers advanced pumping solutions developed specifically for the automotive industry. The company has a wide range of products catering to the automotive industry needs right from machining area till assembly line encompassing all the applications for
this industry.

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These comprehensive range of pumping solutions cater to various applications such as water supply/pressure boosting, wastewater, water treatment and disinfection system, firefighting, boiler feed, cooling and heating, energy audit, machine tool, filtration, part washer, chiller, process water, surface cleaning and painting.

Being energy-efficient and reliable is one of the major demand from automobile manufacturers. The new plants are introducing energy-efficient solutions that support in minimising production cost and reduce carbon emissions in the manufacturing process. There is a need to adopt and engage in an array of energy-saving activities in manufacturing vehicles.

Grundfos offerings consist of a wide range of innovative pump solutions that can enhance the energy efficiency drive in the manufacturing plant. The advanced E-solutions programme from Grundfos can help in optimising processes and reduce energy consumption up to 50 per cent for some applications.

Commenting on the Grundfos` pump offering for the automotive industry, Shankar Rajaram, Head – Industry (North & South), Grundfos India said, “There is a significant increase in costs due to energy intake in the area of vehicle production every year. Our expert solutions and products are accurate, reliable and energy-efficient which can assist the automobile companies to drive in a greener future.”

Grundfos is recognised for its customised solution offerings and its comprehensive range of products that caters to various industrial requirements. Automobile giants like Tata Motors and Renault Nissan alliance have implemented the technologically advanced Grundfos pumps at their state-of-the-art manufacturing plants.

Product range

Grundfos has over 15 products in this range. Some of the key USPs and benefits of the pumps are highlighted below:

* The horizontal multistage centrifugal modular pump (CEM) is compact in design and can be used to make multiple configurations. Has a
wide performance range and is
highly reliable.

* The CR pump range is an elementary pump which is utilised in almost any industrial solution. Energy efficiency and greater performance define this pump.

* NB/NK pumps are designed and built for industrial applications and come with a variety of carefully considered technical features. The ISO-certified stainless steel variants make it attractive to a broader audience. Unhindered liquid flow, no leakage and better corrosion resistance are the key advantages.

* SEG pumps are developed to
ensure no clogging and minimise downtime costs while maintaining performance. Effective grinder system and unique clamp connection are the key benefits.

* SE pumps are technically advanced pumps with efficient single-channel or vortex impellers which reduces the hazard of clogging. The value offered is maximum up-time and low operating costs.

* MTH, MTS and MTR range pumps are vertical single multistage centrifugal pumps created for pumping of cooling lubricants for machine tools and similar application. Flexible length is a highlight feature.

* Machine tool pumps are immersible pumps that are based on a combination of superior materials and state-of-the-art technology and aim for maximum efficiency, reliability and ease
of service.

* Oxiperm DTS can be easily installed and is apt for water treatment. It is a highly efficient, compact chlorine dioxide preparation solution used for disinfection applications in cooling systems and warm water cycles.

* Hydro booster pumps built on the world`s number one multistage centrifugal pumps handle the most difficult boosting jobs with ease and accuracy. It is highly efficient and service-friendly, and can be used wherever additional pressure is required.

* MTB pumps are specially designed for the transport of fluids with ingredients of machining chips and abrasive particles. Suitable for long and trouble-free operation.

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