Home News Reopened OBO Tyres factory starts production of Magna Tyres

Reopened OBO Tyres factory starts production of Magna Tyres

Reopened OBO Tyres factory starts production of Magna Tyres

Magna Tyres Group ahs announced the start of Magna Tyres production at the OBO Tyres factory in Hardenberg, the Netherlands. This was announced during a reopening event hosted on january 11, 2018 by OBO Tyres. Michael de Ruijter (CEO Magna Tyres Group) and René de Vent (Alderman Municipality of Hardenberg), unveiled the first Magna “Made in Holland” production which was received with great enthusiasm.

“This is a huge development for Magna Tyres Group and an important milestone in the history of our company,” said Michael de Ruijter. “The expansion is important because we are struggling to keep up with the fast growing demand for Magna Tyres. We have invested heavily in the factory and can significantly expand our production capacity to meet the rising demand for our popular brand. Our growing customer base worldwide will greatly benefit from these achievements and we expect it will create new sales opportunities as well. Additional investments are already made in order to increase press capacity even further.”

People may wonder, is it economically viable to produce new tyres in the Netherlands. The answer will not surprise you as you witnessed the start of the European production. Our efficiency, lower transport costs and lower import duties make it very cost-effective to produce locally and to invest in more production capacity,” commented Peter Schrijver, General Manager, OBO Tyres.

From now on Magna MA02, M-Terrain and AG24 are available as a made in Holland product. The 29.5R25 Magna MA02 is an E3+ / L3+ tyre and is designed for wheel loaders, dumpers, scrapers and bulldozers. The wide shoulders increase the contact surface for more traction. The rubber compound, which are used for all OTR tyres from Magna, offers the best result against chip and chunk and tread wear. The reinforced shoulder and sidewall protection offers excellent resistance against impacts. The carcass is all steel radial and the advanced construction with improved belt layers contribute to improved comfort and heat build-up resistance, thus longer service life.

The 26.5R25 Magna M-Terrain is an E4 tyre with a remarkably deep and robust profile, designed for heavy dumper applications in day mines, excavations, scrap processing sites and for transports in underground mines. The same wide shoulder area that is so characteristic of the MA02 is also found in the M-Terrain and guarantees perfect grip in challenging off-road conditions. The 24R20.5 Magna AG24 is the progressed development of the OBO Transport HD.

The profile has been developed in collaboration with professional end users and an optimum balance between comfort, long service life and low rolling resistance has been found. The result is an open shoulder design with 24 mm tread depth and continuous rubber in driving direction in the centre. The carcass offers a load capacity of 7500 kg at 65 km / h and that is the highest in its class. Where the OBO Transport HD was also available as a retreaded tyre, the Magna AG24 is only available as a completely new tyre that, naturally, is suitable to be retreaded.

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