Home Events Sarv sets its sights on global market with aggressive push to R&D

Sarv sets its sights on global market with aggressive push to R&D

Sarv sets its sights on global market with aggressive push to R&D

The New Delhi headquartered manufacturer of niche garage tools and accessories for automotive and tyre servicing industry, Sarveshwari Technologies Ltd or Sarv, will largely be focusing on providing solutions for the Bharat State (BS)-VI engines in 2020.

“Since all vehicles coming into the market from April will be BS-VI compliant vehicles, automobile workshops will need the necessary equipment to service them. We have, therefore, launched a BS-VI exhaust system, which is required for the regeneration of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) system,” Mahendra S Goel, Managing Director, Sarveshwari Technologies, told APF’s Manish Pant.

Sarv is presently approved by Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra for BS-VI equipment. “As part of our endeavour to serve them in the best possible way, we are touring their workshops all over the country and have already received a good number of orders,” said Goel.

Speaking about the paradigm shift happening in the automobile industry, Goel said that the company was not only focusing on R&D but also had new tools required for workshops in general. “We have a strong R&D team working on new solutions and keep ourselves abreast of all the latest industry developments,” informed Goel.

Sarv has also been exporting workshop tools and accessories such as wheel balancing and alignment machines as well as rubber pads for vehicle lifts to 70 countries for over 30 years.

According to Goel, as the number of vehicles has increased over the years, customers have also become far more demanding in terms of quality, durability, technology and allied services to maximise their earnings. “Automation and accuracy have become very critical and are much in demand,” he observed.

The company is also looking at developing systems for tyre pressure mounting and crash repair. In the aftermath of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in China, Sarv has also set its sights on giving an aggressive push to its R&D and manufacturing activity for the global market.

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