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SDK establishes centre for accelerated Al material development

SDK establishes centre for accelerated Al material development

Tokyo, March 5, 2018

Showa Denko has established an Aluminium Product Evaluation Center in its Kitakata Plant, located in Fukushima Prefecture, as a laboratory in its Institute for Integrated Product Development, Business Development Center, to accelerate development of aluminum alloy materials. The company held an official ceremony today opening the center.

As automotive parts manufacturers adopt aluminum alloys as materials to produce parts with reduced weights, including suspensions and driving gears, demand for these alloys shows steady growth. SDK produces Shotic small-diameter continuously cast rods, as well as forged products such as large-sized aluminum extrusions and cooling devices for power semiconductors used in electric vehicles.

Shotic has a homogeneous and fine metal structure, which is featured by SDK’s proprietary continuous casting technology, displaying wear-resistance under extreme temperatures, high abrasion resistance, and high corrosion resistance. In addition, forged products made from Shotic also show high-strength, high-abrasion resistance, and low thermal expansivity.

In order to make these products suitable for further weight reduction in automobiles, the companty is striving to improve its aluminum alloy production technology, aiming to realise4 higher strength. Therefore, SDK is establishing the Aluminum Product Evaluation Center at the Kitakata Plant, the main location for developing and producing cast and forged aluminum products.

SDK expects the Product Evaluation Center to serve the Group in analysing and developing aluminum alloys, and accelerating the development of cast, forged and extruded aluminum products. SDK hopes to develop new multi-material composites with organic, inorganic, and metal materials by strengthening its analysis technology through cooperation between its Aluminum Product Evaluation Center, Analysis and Physical Properties Center and Computational Science and Technology Information Center, these latter two located in Chiba Prefecture, and also under the Institute for Integrated Product Development.

Under its ongoing medium-term business plan “Project 2020+,” the Showa Denko Group aims to provide the five target market domains of energy, electronics, infrastructure, living environment and mobility with high-value-added products and services, thereby contributing to the creation of a global society where affluence and sustainability are harmonised. The Showa Denko Group continues tending to sprouts of new businesses which will contribute to further growth of the group in the future, through deepening and integration of its R&D activities in various fields.

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