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SKF India opens rooftop solar plant

SKF India opens rooftop solar plant


SKF India announced its solar mission with the inauguration of one of the largest rooftop solar installations among manufacturing companies in Pune, with 1 MW capacity. The launch of the project is a part of SKF India’s ongoing solar mission across all major facilities in the country. The installation in the Pune facility is expected to generate 1.5 GWH units per annum. This initiative is expected to reduce the Pune facility’s CO2 emissions by approximately 1,200 tonne per annum.

Earlier, SKF installed a rooftop solar plant at its Bengaluru facility and along with the Pune plant; the combined capacity is 2.1 MW. Additionally, SKF has also installed a hybrid solar thermal plant at its Mysore facility with obtained energy of 120 MWH per year. The Mysore facility is part of SKF Technologies India (Pvt) Ltd, wholly owned subsidiary of SKF Group. SKF plans to scale up this initiative and install similar rooftop solar plants at other major facilities across India.

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