Home News SMIT testing laboratory contains spectrum of EMI-EMC testing

SMIT testing laboratory contains spectrum of EMI-EMC testing

SMIT testing laboratory contains spectrum of EMI-EMC testing

Pune, January 10, 2018

Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group R&D Centre at Pune, and Spark Minda Technical Centre (SMIT) have built a state of EMI-EMC testing laboratory covering the entire spectrum of EMI-EMC tests viz radiated emissions, radiated immunity, conducted emissions and conducted immunity apart from ESD testing and automotive transient pulse testing.

As electrical-electronic content in a vehicle is increasing exponentially every passing year, associated development and validation life-cycles get impacted.These are needed to address special verification/validation needs of electronic control units and other E&E aggregates. Electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility(EMI-EMC) chamber testing is one area where the automotive engineering community faces toughest challenges towards passing the tests with minimal and early design iterations.To add to such challenges, very few facilities are available in India which addresses the need for automotive specific norms.

The laboratory is located in the premises of Spark Minda Technical Centre (SMIT) which houses a state of art development facility for automotive embedded systems.One unique feature of this facility is availability of the competent design team/embedded laboratory to provide end to end solution to the customers helping them to pass their tests through quick design iterations.

SMIT team also offers RF/EMI-EMC simulation services for making early design corrections when the controller design is available only in soft domain vizs PCB Gerber files, bill of material and schematics.

The laboratory is actively pursuing steps required to obtain NABL accreditation shortly. This will be a unique combination of offering for the automotive customers as the complete EMC solution will be available under one roof – SMIT.

According toSuresh D, Group CTO, Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group and CEO of SMITr said,“Our EMI-EMC facilities are addressing the long felt needs and pain-points of the Indian automotive engineering community. We are looking forward to act as a testing partner to most of the automotive subsystem suppliers and ensure them an early success in meeting required EMI-EMC testing norms for their designs.”